About Us

Afritech Media — est. in 2016 — is a Web Design Agency located in Nairobi, Kenya specializing in brand development through strategic brand reputation management for individual and corporate firms. We do this through easy to use, aesthetically pleasing web designs suiting the brand.

We also help brands create & tell a seamless story through effective niche-targeted content writing which is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly which does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in their products or services.

Our content marketing strategy involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Afritech Media provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions across Africa in a very professional and effective manner.

We are dedicated to providing professional and comprehensive business solutions as well as services in corporate identity, website designing & development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Mobile Applications Development.

We are a leader in Information Technology dedicated to helping clients develop and transform organizations at every step of the value chain.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Our Story” main_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:60px;”][/ultimate_heading][icon_timeline timeline_line_color=”#c9c9c9″ time_block_bg_color=”#bcbcbc” time_sep_color=”#383f42″ time_sep_bg_color=”#26b7e7″][icon_timeline_feat time_title=”2016″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]Company foundation by two friends[/icon_timeline_feat][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2017″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]Created a website to account for the results of website promotion through various channels – search engine optimization, social marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing. Now the reports are completely clear and measurable![/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2018″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]We won MEA Awards for the year 2019 – BEST DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY – KENYA & AWARD FOR DISTINCTION IN WEB DESIGN 2019 [/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2019″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]Top 10 SEO Agency in Kenya – www.sortlist.com/seo/kenya-ke

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2019″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]

DesignRush Determines Top 30 Enterprise Branding Agencies


[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2018/19″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]

We have since worked with over 200 clients.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2019″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]We helped got 36% market of Search Engine Optimization for our clients in Nairobi Kenya. We have also developed and redeveloped over 100 corporate images for various firms.[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2019″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]

GoodFirms BadgeTop Web Designing Company 2019 by Good Firms

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2020″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]Shortlisted among the top Branding Companies in the Globe.[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2020″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]Listed on WHTop.comListed among the top web designers in the region.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2020″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]

Listed among Top Kenyan Online Bloggers[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2021″ title_font_size=”desktop:20px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:17px;” desc_line_ht=”desktop:25px;”]Partnered with GG The Brand to grow our Social Media Marketing Segment.[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item]In November 2021, we were awarded the Top web design Company[/icon_timeline_item][/icon_timeline]