Access Wi-Fi Passwords on your Android Device

Access Wi-Fi Passwords on your Android Device

One of the biggest challenges with having an unrooted android device is accessing the wi-fi password saved on your device.

The device won’t show you your password, and you can have difficulties to reconnect or even add a different device. So what can you do? We have a list with some steps for solving this frustrating problem.

How Can You See Your Wi-Fi Passwords?

If you haven’t known by now, all Android devices are coming with an ES File Explorer. It is pre-installed on your device, and it will be your simplest method for having your Wi-Fi password. If you don’t have the app, you can install it from Google Play, open it, search for the menu panel, and find the device.

In there you will select System and find the subfolder named etc., and then tap on it. In that subfolder, you have the Wi-Fi data folder, and you can see its contents. From there, select the folder wpa_supplicant.conf file, open it, and you will find the Wi-Fi connections from your device.

Administrator Access:– if your Android device does not display the Wi-Fi details in the ES file explorer that we have talked about, then you should try this method, but it works on the rooted devices. Most of the tools are protected for safety use, but if a device is rooted, then you can have admin access.

So you should go into the ES File Explorer open the data folder – find misc folder – and subfolder WI-Fi- open it and find wpa_supplicant.cont file. There you will have your Wi-Fi details.

Network Key Applications:– of course, there is an application in our days for helping us with this issue too. You must find a safe source for downloading an app. Most of them are user-friendly, and they will help you to recover the password. Take note that, it doesn’t matter what app you use, it’s important not to edit details in the wpa_supplicant.cont file. If you do that, you will have problems with the connectivity.

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