Bitcoin & Ethereum Games

Bitcoin & Ethereum Games

With Bitcoin (BTC) at apparently frequent all-time highs, investments can easily be intimidated. “Dollars 60,000? It’s too much for me to begin!” But, confide in us, and we were all here.

Fortunately, investing in this industry isn’t the only way to begin. If you want to get your trading experience started without danger, crypto are an excellent starting point. For more information, visit blockchain technology.

What are Faucets of Crypto?

Crypto faucets are mobile apps or websites which distribute modest sums of BTC, ETH, and other currency for easy work. Think of a leaky hawk, which cannot stop dripping (ugh). Crypto rotors are the same thing, but they are fractions of digital money instead of dripping water.

These faucets don’t yield a lot of cryptos, but they are nevertheless free. You receive a modest quantity of coins for easy chores, including watching product videos, doing surveys, clicking links, viewing adverts or, yes, playing games on these programs and online sites.

Games to Earn Rewards

Love crypto gaming? You’ll enjoy this then. By playing games that pump out Bitcoins and Ethereum, we will show you how to earn money.


This Bitcoin is a virtual BTC mining simulator that aims to win that great prize versus your buddies. It takes the fun side of the mining industry — cutting out all the technical and boarding things — and allows you to test your abilities, take on duties, carry out tasks, and play games to create your mining empire.

Improve your mining power through side missions, mini-duties and upgrades to handle practical tasks such as electricity bills, maintenance to the data Center, air conditioning and rental. Every five minutes, the site will release a block of rewards shared by everyone, depending on their mining strength.

Alien Run Bitcoin

Bitcoin Alien is a platformer game in a Super Mario way, taking you on a voyage with Daniel D’Alien on various cosmic missions and getting the BTC prizes if you succeed in finishing them. This smartphone-based game is on Android and iOS and offers weekly payments on Tuesdays.

Spark Profit

Are you looking to raise your game of speculation? Spark Profit is a Bitcoin prediction application for the interactive market. This simulator encourages you to anticipate actual money markets like cryptocurrencies and currencies – and the more precise your forecasts are, the more money you earn.

You can pay your wins in the BTC once you have enough points in the game. Application for Android and iOS smartphones can also be used on any online browser.

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy, like Spark Profit, is a simulator. However, this game focuses on digital assets trading in a risk-free environment instead of focusing on the speculative part.

Trade virtually USD, utilize your trading strategy and win BTC and other cryptocurrencies during weekly and monthly trade competitions. Altcoin Fantasy can play on a web browser, iOS and Android smartphones.

Satoshi Quiz

Love games trivia? If you, it will be the game for you, Satoshi Quiz. This web-based quiz show enables you to win BTC by answering questions from several categories properly. You establish an account or register to win, and you can respond accurately among the first three people.

Prices are subject to rounds and can be selected between daily, weekly or monthly awards by each user. Payments shall be made at the end of the week with at least 11,000 satoshis withdrawals.

Axie Infinity

A digital cosmos of animals where the creatures called axis can be raised, traded and fought. The application is downloaded from its website, and Axies using Ethereum can then be purchased.

Get as you play by obtaining Small Love Potions (SLPs) in daily searches, adventures and challenges on the arena (PvP). You can sell them to gain money in secondary markets. Axie will also recompense players for climbing the arena ranks.

Most lucrative blockchain games, as players may make money by actively playing this game – up to US$400 a week. This quantity can feed a family in underdeveloped nations, while in some countries, it may be chump change.

Bottom Line

Suppose you were always keen to enter the cryptocurrency market but still too scared to invest your own money into the market. In that case, the Ethereum and Bitcoin games are the perfect approach to dip your dogs in the beautiful crypto world.

Nobody denies that cryptocurrencies have had a terrific year, as assets such as Bitcoin have achieved fresh record highs everywhere.

But before the currencies are fully mainstream, there is still a long way to go. Nevertheless, many people still have cryptocurrency, and those blockchain games are a terrific method to observe the trickle.