Reasons to Learn Web Development

You might have a creative streak or enjoy the technical aspects of web building. It can be fulfilling to learn some web development on the side. Consider getting your skills up to help you in various parts of your life. Here are some reasons to learn web development.   Develop Problem-Solving Skills You might take […]
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10 Reasons Why Your Computer Is Slow

There could be numerous reasons behind a computer running slow. Some of them touch on how you use the computer, others relate to software issues, and others stem from the hardware components of the computer. We’ve compiled 10 of the most common reasons that cause your computer to run slow and what you can do […]
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Tesh Durvasula

Cassava Technologies appoints Tesh Durvasula as CEO for Africa Data Centres

Cassava Technologies has announced the appointment of Tesh Durvasula as its new Chief Executive Officer of Africa Data Centres effective 7 February 2022. Durvasula will be responsible for driving growth, innovation and strategy of Cassava Technologies’ data centres to meet Africa’s accelerating demand for data and digital infrastructure. He is an experienced technology and real […]
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