Download WhatsApp Plus v16.20 | Best WhatsApp Mods | How to WhatsApp Plus

Download WhatsApp Plus v16.20 - Best WhatsApp Mods - How to Whatsapp Plus

You can easily download WhatsApp Plus, a highly rated messaging app for Android.  It comes with many unique features, unlike the official App.

Whatsapp Plus v16.20 comes with the best mod you must try.  It is the best alternative to the official Whatsapp app.  This app is viral and used by millions of users all over the world. You can download the latest WAPlus from this article.

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WhatsApp Plus Descriptions

WhatsApp Plus App brings all the functions you used to enjoy on your primary WhatsApp account to the fore, providing more opportunities of its own to ensure a better chatting experience.

 Taking a cue from the original WhatsApp design, using WhatsApp+ is easy in itself.  After all, this ensures that you don’t have to adjust to a host of new tabs and controls more than you are used to.

You can amaze your friends by showing the interesting feature of WhatsApp Plus v16.20.  The hide option is one of the most popular features that everyone is talking about in this app.  With this app, you can Hide Bluetick, Hide Writing Status, Hide Recording Status, Hide View Status, Stay Connected All Time (My Most Used Feature), Delete Message, Anti Forward Messages, Anti Deletion Status, and much more.

  Version: v17 |  Base: |  Size: 50MB

  The direct download button may not work on some mobile devices or browsers.  Please long-press the button to download the file.

WhatsApp_Plus (v17) by AlexMods