Helium Health launches health tech services in Kenya

Helium Health launches health tech services in Kenya

Helium Health has announced the launch of its full suite of products and services in Kenya for the first time.

The firm, one of the largest Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Hospital Management Information (HMI) Systems provider in West Africa, is partnering with three local providers, Philips Healthcare Technologies, Carepay and Savannah Informatics.
Helium Health will be integrating new services, including an EMR, to serve the entire East African market.

Tito Ovia, co-founder, Helium Health said that they have been planning to expand into Kenya’s thriving health tech sector since last year.

“We are very excited to be hitting the ground running in 2021, already working with three new local partners to help improve efficiencies and provide a better service to patients. We believe there is a great opportunity to harness cutting-edge technology to help improve the way healthcare data is gathered and managed across Africa, so partnering with like-minded healthcare providers and facilities in Kenya is an excellent fit for us.”

Jean Kyula, the Country Manager for Helium Health Kenya and formerly a National Health Service (NHS) doctor in the UK added that they are confident that they can play a major role in supporting both Kenya’s public and private healthcare sectors.

“We are delighted to announce that we are open for business, already working with three new partners in Nairobi, and rolling out in Uganda and Liberia. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role of technology in healthcare, and the need to keep building better systems, develop more remote access solutions, and improve efficiencies in our healthcare sector, so we’re looking forward to working with more partners, doctors, hospitals and clinics as we move forward.”

Helium Health was co-founded in 2016 by three entrepreneurs, Adegoke Olubusi, Tito Ovia and Dimeji Sofowora, with a mission to solve the practical problems that they identified within the Nigerian health sector through the use of cutting-edge technology.

In May 2020, Helium Health successfully closed a US$10 million Series A funding round (the largest fundraise of any software as a service (SaaS) healthcare provider in Africa) to scale and grow the business in both existing and new markets, expanding its footprint across East, North and Francophone West Africa.

Helium Health has already partnered with facilities in Uganda and Liberia onboarding their 90-plus users early in 2021 and is now extending its services to facilities in Nairobi.

Helium Health offers a full suite of products covering the complete healthcare value chain, from Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Hospital Management Information (HMI) Systems, to credit and telemedicine products.

Over 300 healthcare providers and 5,000 health professionals in Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana currently use Helium Health’s technology, allowing healthcare facilities to accept payments and issue invoices with ease, access quick funding, and hold televisits with their patients, making it easier for patients to get diagnosed from their homes. 

In 2020, Helium Health won the IFC Tech Emerge award, an award that matches innovative health tech startups with leading healthcare providers across Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to implement pilot projects and build long-term partnerships.  Helium Health will pilot its technology in the East African market.

Founded in 2016, Helium Health provides a suite of cutting-edge technology solutions that serve providers, payers, governments, patients and partners across the healthcare value chain and is currently west Africa’s largest Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Hospital Management Information (HMI) Systems provider.

Its mission is to transform hospitals on the African continent by improving how records are kept and operations are managed, advancing universal health coverage through accelerating Africa’s transition to technology and data-driven healthcare sector.