How to access a loan from Tala

Tala app is the best mobile loan app available at the moment. If you are looking for a quick loan, Tala loan app should be your first option. I will show you how to download Tala and how you can get a loan directly to your mobile phone.

PayPal invests in Tala to expand global reach

How to borrow a loan from Tala

  1. You don’t need Tala APK
  2. You also don’t need a Tala loan application form.
  3. Link the app to your active Facebook account to register as a customer.
  4. Provide further information to Tala such as your phone number and also by answering correctly the few personal questions provided.
  5. Tala loan qualification is dependent on the feedback you give on these questions.
  6. Relax, play or do something else while you wait for Tala to do their magic.
  7. Check back after a while to confirm whether you have qualified and to also view your available loan amount.


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