How To Check Your CRB Listing Status Online with Metropol

Lack of access to funds, limits poor people from a fair share of resources in the society, depriving them of basic needs and opportunities in life.

However, with the growth of Technology opportunities of accessing credit are immense. Today, anyone can easily access funds using their smartphones, accessing from a weekly to a monthly loan.

Universally, commercial banks and lenders are facing a problem of non-repayment of loans. This problem can be overcome by monitoring the behaviour of borrowers through the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB).

If you took a loan, be it HELB loan, bank loan or mobile loan and have not paid as per the repayment time terms, you might be blacklisted and listed as a defaulter by  CRB.

Checking Your CRB Status

You can easily check your CRB Status today, there are many other mediums you can use to check your status ranging from Crystobol from Metropol Corporation, TransUnion CRB Kenya to CreditInfo.

The easiest is probably Metropol

How to Check Your CRB Status Online with Metropol

You can check your Metropol CRB status in three ways: online, via SMS, or by using an app. You’ll, however, first need to register with Metropol before using any one of these methods. Here’s how to check your CRB status online and Via USSD.

  1. Visit the Metropol website, log in and view your status.
  2. Log into the Crystobol app and navigate to the ‘status’ tab to view your status.
  3. Dial *433# then enter your PIN number.

Your CRB status will be sent to you through an SMS.

Just like TransUnion, Metropol also has three main ways of accessing its services. They’re as follows:

  • USSD: Dialing *433# on a mobile device.
  • Online: The Metropol website at
  • Using an App: The Metropol app called TransUnion Crystobol.

To access these services, you first need to have registered with the bureau.

How to Register with Metropol

Follow the process below to register with Metropol:

  • Go to your M-Pesa menu.
  • Choose Lipa na M-Pesa.
  • Choose Pay Bill.
  • Enter the paybill number as 220388.
  • Enter your ID number and the account number.
  • Enter the amount as KSh 50.
  • Enter ya PIN number then press send.

You’ll receive an SMS with a Unique code, Reference number, and a special link.