How to configure Safaricom APN Internet Settings

Safaricom APN Internet Settings

You can easily configure your devices’ APN settings manually configured to access internet with Safaricom in Kenya.

Safaricom 3G and 4G APN Internet Settings for Android:

For Android devices go to;

      • Settings
      • Mobile Networks-
      • Access Point name
      • Add New
      • Enter the below internet settings and click save.
      • Click save

Safaricom Internet Settings

  • Name: Safaricom
  • APN: safaricom
  • Username: saf
  • Password: data
  • Proxy : (leave it blank – not set )
  • Port : (Leave it blank – not set)
  • Server : (leave it blank )
  • MMSC : ( Leave it blank )
  • Multimedia Message proxy : (leave blank)
  • Multimedia message port : (Not Set)
  • MCC : (639)
  • MNC : (03)
  • Authentication type : (none)
  • APN type : (default,supl)
  • APN protocol : (IPv4)
  • Bearer : (Unspecified)
  • Mobile virtual network operator : (none )

Safaricom 4G APN Settings for iOS

In your Apple device go to;

    • Settings
    • Cellular
    • Cellular Data Network
    • APN
    • Enter the below internet settings and click save.

Safaricom Internet Settings

Cellular Data:
APN: safaricom
Username: saf
Password: data

LTE Setup(Optional):
APN: Blank
Username: Blank
Password: Blank

APN : safaricom
Username: saf
Password: data
MMS Proxy:
MMS Message Size: 1048576
MMS UA Prof URL: blank

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