How to Convert PDF to Word or Image to Text

How to Convert PDF to Word or Image to Text

We live in the age of technology, where computers have become an important part of our lives. Computers play an important role in our lives because we depend on them so greatly as they allow us to perform various functions, such as writing documents, preparing research papers, presentations, editing documents, etc.

Most people use the computer for reading, writing, and editing documents, videos, etc.

However, when it comes to the documents, we see that most of the documents are in Word or PDF file format. Sometimes according to requirements, we need to convert our PDF files into different formats and vice versa. The formats could be PDF to word or PDF to image text etc.

There are many ways you can use to convert your PDF files, but the one easy way is to use the OCR online image PDF to text converter.

Best online image to text converter tools:

There are so many different options for the image to word converters online you can use to convert the text documents, so now we can check out the best of them.

Image to Text Converter:

Image to text generator tool helps you to convert images to text. The tool uses the OCR online converter technology to recognize the image’s text and convert it into an editable file., upload the picture and convert your image to text online. The image to text converter by offers you to add the URL of the image or to use the Dropbox feature to upload the file to convert the PDF document into a desirable file format.

Wondershare PDF Converter:

Wondershare ocr online converter is the best & right choice if you search for a powerful PDF converter and it is easy to use. So, any user can use this tool. It has a user-friendly interface that helps the user convert their PDF files into various formats without operating issues. The flexible output option of wondershare allows the user to convert and separate files in different formats into one document without damaging the file structure. Because of its OCR online feature, you can convert the scanned text document into a file that can be editable.

Soda PDF Converter:

The soda PDF converter is a web-based online PDF converter you can consider to convert image to text. This easy-to-use free image to text converter is known for its amazing feature: its access from anywhere using any device. This OCR online converter allows you to read, edit, annotate and create PDF files on your devices. You have the option to select what works best for you at a given moment.

The image to text converter offers you to convert your PDF file format into Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, TXT, RTF, HTML, and JPEG files and vice versa. In addition to converting the PDF files, the best feature of Soda PDF Converter is that it’s OCR online feature also converts the scanned documents or images into a desirable file format.

Free Online OCR:

The free OCR online tool offers you to convert the PDF files and images of up to 2MB and take a few minutes to convert the file after uploading the file. The user can choose the required language to convert the file, and it makes this OCR online tool different from other optical character recognition tools. This OCR online tool’s best feature is that it supports the multicolumn text that means all the formatting is lost during the conversion. So, you can reformat it again according to your need. The feature of OCR online allows you to turn the scanned images & PDFs into text document files.


PDFelement is a great tool that allows users to easily convert PDF text documents and other formats within no time by few simple clicks. This online tool works as a batch converter, and you can convert multiple PDF files in a batch with ease. The PDFelement comes with a feature that helps you create, edit, and convert OCR into a PDF document with its amazing OCR online feature. Its user-friendly interface makes the editing and converting process easy and quick. You can create a PDF file by using other different file formats with just a single click.


Convertio is free to use an OCR online tool with a modern and elegant design that appeals to younger users. The free and non-registered can only scan ten pages, or you can say that they can only convert ten files. If you want to scan more than ten images, you have registered yourself for a better experience or service. You can convert files with this OCR online tool by following three easy steps.


PDF converters are the programs or tools through which a user can change the file format into a different PDF format or a document with a different file format into PDF. You can choose one of the PDF converters from the above list to save your time searching for the best optical character recognition tool.