How to get Unlimited internet for free in Kenya

You can access and browse the internet for free by using droid VPN. Droid VPN is a vpn app that has been used and it’s being used by many internet users to access free internet.

Moreover, Droid VPN also secures your internet connection by encrypting all your network traffic.

How to configure Droid VPN for Free Unlimited Internet Access

Droid VPN setting.

Droid VPN consists of various connection modes that grants us a free internet connection. They include ( UDP, TCP, ICMP and HTTP) But in this post, we’ll talk more about UDP and TCP connection modes and how we can use the two modes to access free internet.

Droid VPN offers demo and premium plans, which means you have to pay for a non-restricted internet access.

However, you can still cheat the VPN service by creating multiple accounts and continue using the demo plan with different user accounts.droid VPN for PC.


#1 UDP Connection Mode

UDP mode consists of Rport and Lport where by the Rport is the Remote UDP port and the Lport is the Local UDP port.droid vpn configuration file download

Other options under UDP connection modes are Model 1, Normal and Compat V2. Among the three modes, you’ll use one connection mode to establish a connection.

There is TCount and RCount under UDP mode, you can leave the two options without modifying to any values, however, they can also be modified if the speed is not good.

1. Download Droid VPN app

2. Any Sim card with zero balance

3. Patience

So, this is how you should configure UDP connection mode. (guide for PC users)

Step 1

  1. Open DroidVPN.exe
  2. Click on the gear icon to show UDP settings
  3. Below are the UDP mode settings to input:
    Remote UDP: Now, let the vpn scan existing open ports ( set 0 as your Rport )
    Local UDP: 0
    Mode: 1
    TCount: 9999
    RCount: 3
  4. That’s it, now you have UDP mode configurations.

    #2 TCP Connection Mode

Under TCP mode, there is Remote TCP Port and Local TCP Port. Set 443 as default port under Remote TCP Port.droid vpn high speed setting

Navigate under HTTP Mode, you will see chunked is set as the default HTTP mode.

When using TCP mode, HTTP Headers is mandatory. So, you have to keep the check box ticked.

Host ( Internet Service Provider’s site that can be browsed without charges)
DroidVPN app
Patience Any sim card with zero balance.
So, this is how you should configure TCP connection mode. 

Step 1. As usual, open DroidVPN.exe and click on the gear icon to show settings

Step 2. Below are the TCP mode settings:droid vpn configuration file download
Remote TCP Port: 443
Local TCP Port: 0
HTTP Mode: Chunked
HTTP Headers: Mark the check box and use X-Online-Hosts address
E.g:- Host:
You can now enjoy free unlimited interenet.

Now, that’s how you should configure Droid VPN application for free unlimited internet access. 

You can find out more info on some of the best and most popular VPNs over at