How to Identify a fake TECNO Phone

How to Identify a fake TECNO Phone

The Smartphone market is awash with fake devices ranging from Tecno, Samsung, Infinix, iPhone to Huawei which are readily available at some shady phone retailers.

These phones are commonly referred to as ‘china phones’  a disparaging stereotype to describe the sub-standard products coming from China that have unique selling points.

The devices are cheaply priced and of low quality. Buyers of these products don’t put into consideration the huge cost and pains that subsequently follow cheaply prized phones as opposed to the original products which are slightly higher.

The sub-standard products is a result of the manufacturers trying to save costs by intentionally ignoring to pay licensing fees for in-built technology like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MPEG, batteries and more. The firm’s end up using inferior parts.

Identifying a fake Tecno Phone

When you purchase a Tecno smartphone, you can easily check the originality of the phone using an online link on their website.

  • Users can do this by visiting
  • On the website, you will be asked to input your IMEI and your VC number
  • Below you also will find initials SN; this is where you will be able to check if the Battery is genuine
  • Once you input the details, Tecno will let you know if your phone is genuine or fake.

The VC number can be found on the box of your device alongside the IMEI. The SN you can find inscribed on your phone’s battery.

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