How to register next of kin details on Mpesa & claiming MPesa funds

How to register next of kin details on Mpesa & claiming MPesa funds

Death is inevitable. We all have to face death through the loss of our loved ones. In such an unfortunate eventuality, individuals end up leaving behind MPesa balance on their account.

That’s when the next of kin comes into play. Next of kin is a person’s closest living blood relative who can be contacted by Safaricom.

Upon receiving notification of the death of a subscriber the M-PESA account is frozen to prevent further dealings and to protect the estate of the deceased.

To fill an Mpesa next of kin form, visit their website at or, you can also register your next of kin via phone as follows;

  1. On your device dial *234
  2. Select option 2: My M-PESA information
  3. Input option 6: Next of kin
  4. Enter your Bonga PIN
  5. Enter your next of kin details i.e mobile number, ID.

How to claim Mpesa funds from a Dead Person Mpesa Account

A claimant intending to retrieve funds should visit any of the retail centres and provide certain documents for inspection and approval.

The claimant will be required to produce:

  • The claimants ID;
  • The deceased person’s death certificate;
  • The Statutory declaration (Affidavit); and
  • Letter from provincial administration or
  • Confirmation of Grant of Letters of Administration (interstate) or
  • Confirmation of Grant of Probate

Once all the requisite documents have been provided, funds will be transferred into the beneficiaries entitled to the M-PESA account.

M-PESA next of Kin Claim Form