How to Remove or Deactivate Call Forwarding

How to Remove or Deactivate Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows users to direct their mobile calls to another phone number, like your home or office number. 

Your mobile phone can redirect calls to an unknown phone number without your consent, which means someone is monitoring your calls.

You can remove or deactivate call forwarding on your phone by dialling certain USSD codes or through your phone’s settings.

How to Remove or Deactivate Call Forwarding

To remove call forwarding, dial #21# on your phone. You can check the status of call forwarding by calling *#21#, cancel a call forwarding by dialling ##21#, and cancel all call forwarding by dialling ##0002# for systematic call forwarding.

You can also cancel call diverts directly from your phone’s settings or call settings.

  • Go to Phone Dial 
  • Tap Option Call Settings
  • Open the settings for voice calls
  • Tap on the call forwarding feature
  • Press Cancel or Disable

With this technique, you can successfully cancel call diverts on your handset.

You can deactivate various call forwarding options, including;

  • Always forward calls
  • Forward phone calls when unanswered
  • Forward phone calls when busy
  • Forward calls when the dialled number is not reachable


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