How to Save Your Site Content from Plagiarism Penalty

How to Save Your Site Content from Plagiarism Penalty

Plagiarism is using another person’s work or ideas as your own without crediting them properly.

Writing plagiarized content on your website can cause multiple consequences including copyrights claims. It can also lead your site to Google omitted results.

Currently, writing copied content is very common and it will hurt your SEO as well. So, always make sure that the content you’re going to publish is unique and plagiarism-free.

Because, if your site is guilty of plagiarism in Google’s view, the chances of severe consequences will be high. Publishing plagiarized content is not only illegal, but it can also play a major role in de-ranking your website.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the important tips that can save your website from getting penalized by the search engine.

5 Tips to save your content from Plagiarism Penalty

1.    Write Original Content

Always try to write unique and original content to avoid any plagiarism-issue.

To write unique content, reread the actual content and add new ideas & thoughts into it.

While researching the content, make a detailed record of all the sources.

Add some niche relevant media files in the content to increase its authority and credibility.

Once you write the content, don’t forget to mention the actual source of the idea.

2.    Include Quotations

Quoting means using a word-to-word piece of text of a person.

To avoid getting penalized from the search engine, must use quotations when using another person’s exact words in your content.

The quoted text must be enclosed in the quotation marks and perfectly credited to the actual source.

3.    Paraphrase the Content

Paraphrasing is also one of the finest ways to avoid writing copied content.

In paraphrasing, you rephrase the content in your own words without changing the actual meaning.

While rephrasing the content, you have to make sure that your content isn’t too similar to the original one.

4.    Use Online Article Spinning Tools

Writing a huge amount of content regularly is a tough task. To deal with this, you can use multiple online content spinning tools.

The main purpose of the article spinner is to rewrite the given content by replacing specific words and sentences with their suitable synonyms.

The spinner rewrites the content in such a way that the overall meaning of the text remains the same.

5.    Cite the Original Sources

Whenever you write, quote, or paraphrase content must include the in-text citation to avoid any plagiarism-issue.

This helps visitors to check the actual source of the content in no time.

You can use a proper citation style to properly cite the actual source of the content.

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