How To Update Your Kenya Power Prepaid Meter

How To Update Your Kenya Power Prepaid Meter

Kenya Power is ushering in a new era for prepaid electricity with the “Update Token Meter Yako” campaign.

This nationwide initiative involves upgrading all 7.4 million prepaid meters to the latest security standards, ensuring a more secure and efficient experience for customers.

But what exactly does this update entail, and how can you ensure a smooth transition?

Understanding the Update

This update is crucial for two key reasons:

1. Enhanced Security: The upgrade moves Kenya Power’s prepaid meter system to the revised Standard Transfer Specification (STS) protocol. This enhanced protocol prevents token replication and strengthens the overall security of the electricity distribution system.

2. Compatibility: After August 31st, 2024, all prepaid meters must be updated to accept new tokens. Unupdated meters will become obsolete, rendering them incapable of receiving electricity.

How the Update Works

The process is simple and straightforward. You will receive two 20-digit codes via SMS from Kenya Power:

  1. Reset Code: This code initiates the meter reset process, preparing it for the software update.
  2. Update Code: This code installs the latest STS-compliant software onto your prepaid meter.

Important Note: Ensure all previously purchased tokens are exhausted before beginning the update process. Unused tokens will become invalid after the update.

Step-by-Step Guide to Updating Your Prepaid Meter

  1. Receive the Update Codes:  You’ll either receive the codes via SMS when purchasing new tokens or directly from Kenya Power.
  2. Reset Your Meter: Enter the first code (reset code) into your meter and press enter.
  3. Upgrade Your Software: Enter the second code (update code) into your meter and press enter.
  4. Confirmation: After successful completion, your meter is ready to accept new tokens.

FAQs and Addressing Common Concerns

Q: How will I know if the update is successful?
A: If the update is successful, your meter will accept new electricity tokens without issue.

Q: What will happen to my previously purchased tokens?
A: Make sure that all old tokens have been loaded onto your prepaid meter before updating. If you update before loading old tokens, they will be invalid and can’t be used.

Q: How much does it cost to update my token meter?
A: The process of updating your meter is free.

Q: Will the Update Token Meter Yako affect the cost of electricity tokens?
A: No. The Update Token Meter Yako will only update the software of your meter.

Q: What happens if I don’t update my meter?
A: If the meter isn’t updated, it will not accept tokens.

Q: When is the deadline for Update Token Meter Yako?**
A: The deadline is August 31st, 2024.

Q: What happens after the deadline for Update Token Meter Yako?
A: Meters will not accept tokens generated after the deadline.

Stay Connected and Stay Informed

Kenya Power has established a dedicated customer support team to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout the process. For further assistance, reach out to Kenya Power through their official channels.

The “Update Token Meter Yako” campaign signifies a positive step towards a more secure and efficient prepaid electricity system in Kenya.

You can ensure a seamless transition and continue enjoying reliable electricity service by taking the necessary steps to update your prepaid meter.