Kenya Predictions: Best Football Prediction in Kenya

Many punters are making quite a reasonable amount of money from betting on football.

If you would like to join such people in this money-making scheme, then should be a constant call for you.

Football betting has gone beyond trying to predict based on guesswork. Here we take the burden of predictions off you, so just trust us with the task of predicting games for you.

If you haven’t yet tapped into this abundant wealth of knowledge, then you are not fair to yourself.

Why do you need us?

We believe that everyone should be given a shot at making it big irrespective of what they are engaged in; you can be successful.

Football betting has given a lot of people opportunities to make money alongside enjoying their favourite game.

Our services are free

Some online prediction sites will make you subscribe with a fee, and at the end of the day, the predictions do not drop as they have predicted; the painful thing is that you cannot get your money back from them.

We at Kenya predictions understand that you are trying to maximize profit by multiplying your winning through football predictions. In return, we would not want to take away from you the cash that you are trying to multiply.

That is the reason we offer our services free of charge without asking you for a subscription fee or even as little as your details. We require you to browse our site free of charge and enjoy the wonderful features that we have for you.

We offer multiple services

Asides from the fact that we offer you football betting predictions at no cost, we also present you with bookmarking options where you can place your bet with the best bookmakers in Kenya.

Also, we have an academy where you can learn about strategies on how to go about your football betting; it also has a place where you will be redirected to online casino sites where you can play different games like poker, classic slot, and several others.

If you browse through our site you would notice that we have are what you can describe as the full package.

You are the reason behind the existence of the website

When you look at all that we have on the website, we are certain that you will also agree with me that you are the sole purpose why the website was created. We do not require you to pay or deposit money at our website; rather, we are like an after-school lesson teacher who gives you adequate preparation for the examination ahead; this we do through our academy.


What makes us the best Football prediction experts in Kenya?

Before we can pride ourselves as the best in a country, you must know that we have many packages lined up for the benefit of those who visit our sites.

We offer Accuratepredictions

One of the features that make us stand out, asides from the fact that we offer our prediction services for free, is that our predictions are quite accurate. The algorithm that we make use of in our prediction can be relied upon with an 85% accuracy level.

We constantly do giveaways

Imagine that you visit a website to get free predictions, and you are met with gifts.

To give back to those who constantly make use of our website, we are also involved in a lot of giveaway of different types, and we also give you amazing prices for visiting our website.

Many people who constantly make use of our website for predictions and other offers that we provide are always eager for the weekly prizes that we give to them.

Carefully researched Predictions

At Kenya Predictions, we do not make our predictions by guess; rather, we carry out careful research and analyze it mathematically before uploading it.

Before concluding the possible outcome of a match, we check the two teams’ previous meeting and their outcome. We also consider the current form of both teams as well as the position they are occupying on the log.

All these are, and more are steps that our experts take to reach a logical conclusion on the Possible outcome of football matches.

We have wide coverage of football leagues

There are various leagues that we cover as a site. We cover the major leagues in Europe like the English Premier League’, The German Bundesliga, Italian Seria A, the Spanish Laliga, French Ligue 1.

The top leagues are part of the features of our prediction. We also offer Predictions on matches in leagues in Africa as well as leagues in America.

Wide knowledge base

From our Academy, you can get more knowledge on how to bet on various football odds.

The academy serves as a breeding ground that helps you nurture your football betting and prediction skills. What we are doing here is not giving you fish to eat but also training you on how to catch your fish.

If the knowledge shared at our academy is put to good use, you will discover that you will become an expert in football predictions in no time.

We at Kenya Predictions are very concerned about how our website is laid out, and we also try as much as possible to make it attractive for you to make use of.

This month we have put up a new design, asides from the fact that we are good at what we do; we also add aesthetics to it as icing on the cake. The new design is beautiful and attractive, so as you are combing through our site, your face is met with some wonderful design as page layout.


If you haven’t visited Kenya Predictions, now is the time to do so as we have a lot in store for you. There are lots of money to be made when you follow our predictions as well as our weekly giveaway of gifts and prizes.

Who knows, you could be the next millionaire as a result of sticking to our football predictions.


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