Mobile gaming continues to grow strongly in Africa

Mobile gaming continues to grow strongly in Africa

When it comes to mobile gaming, Africa may be an unexpected leader. From the south to the north of the continent, the mobile gaming industry is booming, thanks to the rapid adaptation of cutting-edge technology and game development.

One of the hallmarks of this growth is the growing interest in iGaming and online gambling. The entire continent of Africa is experiencing a boom in this sector, attracting more and more players.

This is primarily due to the widespread adoption of mobile devices. Smartphones have become an integral part of Africans’ lives, and this is reflected in the development of the mobile gaming and gambling markets.

Internet adoption in Africa is also developing at a rapid pace. Infrastructure, coverage, and connection speeds across the continent have improved significantly in recent years, allowing gamers to enjoy online entertainment without any restrictions.

Steady growth continues

The mobile gaming industry on the continent of Africa is booming and is predicted to reach the $1 billion mark by the end of 2024, with growth continuing. This is an important development that shows the rapid development of the entertainment and technology industry in this region.

Mobile gaming in Africa is gaining incredible popularity and is predicted to eclipse the PC market as user engagement levels are 10 times higher in mobile gaming.

One of the key factors driving growth is the rapid development of mobile technology, making it increasingly accessible and affordable to the masses. Another important factor is the predominance of the young population in the region, who are eager and quick to embrace new technologies and digital entertainment.

According to Carry1st, the two countries generating the most gaming revenue in Africa are Nigeria (with $249 million) and South Africa (with $236 million). The figures not only reflect the huge demand for mobile gaming in these countries but also demonstrate the potential opportunities for development and investment in Africa’s gaming industry.

Infrastructure development

The true growth of the mobile gaming industry in Africa is also shifting thanks to widespread mobile infrastructure improvements on the continent by both national and continental organizations. Efforts are aimed at improving mobile connectivity and internet coverage across the region, including remote rural areas.

An important result of these improvements has been an increase in mobile internet connection speeds. While 3G is still used in some locations, 4G/LTE has already been introduced in most regions, and 5G is gradually being rolled out in some urban areas. This allows users to utilize high-speed internet and enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

In addition, the proliferation of online payments has been another important factor contributing to the growth of the mobile gaming industry in the region. This opens up new opportunities for the youth who are actively involved in online gaming and are willing to utilize modern technology for payments and financial transactions.

Thus, this market is characterized by a young generation with powerful technology and high-speed Internet access, which creates favorable conditions for the continuous growth and development of the gaming industry on the continent.

iGaming is becoming more popular

The world of online gambling has expanded its boundaries and now continues to spread aggressively across Africa. Millions of players from across the continent register to try their luck and enjoy card games, roulette, and slot machines at online casinos.

Especially according to, many casinos give new users no-deposit free spins for registration, which strongly encourages players.

Although many countries do not yet have specific legislation regulating this type of activity, most Africans can still find ways to play using a VPN if local operators are not available.

An interesting fact is that most online casinos offer dedicated mobile apps, making iGaming accessible and user-friendly across Africa. This mobile-centric approach opens up the world of gambling to a wide range of smartphone users, which in turn contributes to the growth of the industry.

Nigeria and South Africa, as with mobile gaming, are leading the way in the development of iGaming. Local players are able to find professional online casino review sites, which increases the level of safety for African gamers.