Mozzart Refund: Punter wins Ksh.50,000 despite losing multi-bet

Mozzart Refund - Punter wins sh.50,000 despite losing multi-bet
  • A Kenyan bettor correctly guessed 11 picks in a 12 multi-bet
  • Mozzartbet gave him a consolation prize thanks to the Mozzart Refund feature

Narrow misses occur from time to time on the Kenyan market at, but thanks to the Mozzart Refund feature punters enjoy winning money even if they lose multi-bets of 4+ games by a single pick.

The courageous punter dared to place a sh.50 multi-bet on 12 games and correctly guessed all of them but one! He missed out on a stunning sh.2,544,007.75 jackpot, but thanks to Mozzart Refund Cash Back, he collected sh.50,000 as a consolation.

His stake would have been multiplied by 5088.0155 had he correctly predicted that last match. Interestingly, he secured the higher-odds games but stumbled on the outcome of Hapoel Jerusalem vs Hapoel Umm Al Fahm at 1.62 odds for the host. He opted for a home win, but the visitors pulled off a surprising draw.

He missed his chance by a whisker but still got back home with something in his bag. You can be the next courageous punter to grab the bull by the horns and win cash. You can visit this Mozzartbet App Download source to add this feature to your mobile betting journey.

How is Mozzart Refund calculated?

When you place a multi-bet in the Mozzartbet sportsbook, you also play for the Mozzart Refund cash-back prize. To calculate the potential payout, you take the total odds in the selections in your multi-bet ticket and subtract the odds of the lost fixture. The following table should make it clearer:

If winning odds are 29 and aboveStake is multiplied by 1
If winning odds are 59 and aboveStake is multiplied by 2
If winning odds are 99 and aboveStake is multiplied by 5
If winning odds are 499 and aboveStake is multiplied by 10
If winning odds are 999 and aboveStake is multiplied by 100

As you can see, the Mozzart Refund pays more to bet on matches with higher odds, which is unsurprising. To illustrate how it works, imagine you placed a multi-bet with winnings odds 29 and 58 with a stake of sh.100.

Your winnings will be x1, or sh.100. If that bet had winning odds between 499 and 998, you would win sh.1000, as your stake is multiplied by 10.

What are the rules for the Mozzart Refund feature?

To get access to the Mozzart cash back option, you need to satisfy a few requirements. Here they are:

  • The ticket must contain at least four pairs
  • The ticket can be paid out only at the same point where it was sold
  • The cash-back sum depends on the multiplier defined by the total odds number
  • The feature is not active for in-play

Why Mozzart?

The Mozzart Refund feature secures a safety net for your multi-bets! At mozzartbet, you can choose from a huge selection of games. You can devise your multi-bets out of all 20 games in the English Premier League, Italian Seria A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, and many other leagues from around Europe and the world.

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