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Heritage Connection

Heritage Connection (HC) equips seasoned and raw Sub-Saharan African entrepreneurs, and their enterprises, with the tools to build and transfer wealth. HC exists to ensure that resources are intentionally transferred across generations -from seasoned to raw entrepreneurs- with an eye towards unlocking the power of intangible assets that will nurture enduring legacies. The firm works […]
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The Girl Matador

From the perspective of a young day time journalist and a blogger in the evening and (aspiring) fiction writer in the night peeks into A STORY AT A TIME in The Girl Matador Series.
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Wandindi is a platform that aims at offering Gĩkũyũ entertainment content by following the Gĩkũyũ entertainment scene. Wandndi talks about the artists, producers, actors & actresses and all relevant content that celebrates ourGĩkũyũ culture.
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