Top Golang Web Frameworks to Choose In 2021

We have various programming languages that help developers to complete the task of creating desirable applications and software. Different languages are used to develop different kinds of programmes as per their requirements.

In the list of programming languages, there is a language that provides a high level of efficiency in coding along with advanced performance that ultimately increases productivity. This language is none other than the Golang programming language.

Let’s have a quick look at Golang.

Golang or Go is an open-source programming language developed by Google in the year of 2009. It is used in web app development and has running native code. Go is an easy to use language. That’s why it is a favourite of many developers at the time of web API development or Golang app development.

Go works well with all the applications; however, it is specifically designed for concurrency.

Reason to choose Golang

Golang comes with many advantages over other languages. Let’s have a look at some of them below.

  1. Easy to learn – If the developer knows C or Java, it becomes pretty easy to learn and work.
  2. Concurrent and more stable – It has Goroutines that takes only 2KB of memory space, through which Go-based apps can efficiently run on older devices.
  3. Accessible development tool – Tools like plugins, editors, and IDEs are available for the development process.
  4. Speed – Golang is faster than other languages like Python and Java. Its advanced functionality allows the processor to understand the code without any hassle. It improves the execution speed and completes the overall project more quickly with an incredible pace.

These are the attributes that make Golang a developer preferred language. With that, it has remarkable frameworks that help in creating production-level software.

Here, we come up with the top Golang web framework of 2021 that you can choose for your task.

Gin Gonic 

This will be the best choice if you are new to Golang. This framework is an ideal as well as a minimalist framework that is considered 40% faster than other frameworks as per Github reports.

Using Gin, a developer can develop web applications easily and quickly as it uses the fastest HTTP router for the Golang language. It manages debugging and other issues a lot easier.

The functionality of Gin Gonic is never affected, even if you are using other tools along with it. Gin is a precise framework with its library and features that simplify the development of any project.


It is the fastest and lightweight framework used for web application development. Just like net/HTTP ServeMux, Goji has a minimalistic HTTP request. Companies working on web projects choose Goji to complete their framework requirement.

Goji is compatible with lean APS and web socket support. However, its features like smooth shutdown capabilities, URL pattern, including reconfigurable middleware stack are the main factors of appreciation, even having a traditional outlook.


This framework is activated by Sinatra, and it works with basic things like exception dealing, routing, etc. Martini is a lightweight web framework that can easily blend with third-party support.

There is no need to install Martini because it allows easy integration with other third-party plugins. It is a flexible framework that manages functions and loads in the system with less trouble.

Along with that, it allows injecting datasets into handlers dynamically, which is a unique feature of this framework. However, this is in the list of developers because of its features like Basic Routing, Exception Handling & Serving Documents, etc.


Buffalo is an excellent solution for developers when there is a need to create a robust web application in a minimal time period with remarkable frameworks for Golang development. It is also known as an all-in-one solution for web application development.

It also offers quick and fast web development and helps developers through its guide for backend and front end and initiating to execution.


As per its name, it is a Gorilla in the list of frameworks. Gorilla framework is one of the best Google Golang framework. This framework serves as the HTTP library’s reusable components. It is a minimalistic framework having the characteristics of scalability and modularity.

Gorilla framework is very efficient in web app development, including drop packages, extensions, and different new modules. Due to its unique functionalities, this framework has a large community as compared to other frameworks.


Web.go framework is a Golang framework that is light in weight. It is the most accessible web framework in the list of Golang frameworks. But it doesn’t mean this framework lacks features and functionality. Web.go provides a tree routing system; that is why it is considered as an ideal framework for the project that requires a lot of routing.

This is a simple framework that is popular for its understandable working and Bolster tree routing. Along with that, it allows developers to route relationships against the use or purpose. If you want to choose a straightforward framework for your project, then this will be the choice.


When there is a need for a fully-featured Golang framework, then Revel is the one that ranks on the top. Revel is a self-sufficient framework where you don’t have a setup to run it, and it is the only framework that doesn’t require any third-party plugin for the execution of complex tasks.

It is the solution for developing API with complicated functions. Revel makes the development process very smooth that makes this framework very popular among developers. So, if you want a self-sufficient framework, then you can go for Revel.


Last but not least, Mango is also a lightweight framework used in web applications. Even though this framework doesn’t have a large community, it is still popular among developers due to its modularity feature.

This framework is often used where there is a need to create a reusable module of HTTP functionality. It is necessary to know that this framework has vast libraries which help developers at the time of adding features in the web development project.


The web development industry is a consistently growing industry, in which there are numerous languages available to complete your programming requirements. Golang is one of them which has a significant presence among developers. So, it is essential to have the proper knowledge about this language as well as its frameworks.

Here in this blog, we have listed the top Golang web frameworks that will rule the year 2021. Check them all and choose which suits your project requirement.

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