Tunga launches new co-working space in Uganda

Tunga launches new co-working space in Uganda

Tunga has opened a brand-new office in Kampala Uganda. The African-Dutch ICT Company founded in 2015, meet their IT-needs through outsourcing and remote development by cooperating with Africa’s talent network.

Dutch Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Karin Boven said that it is promising to see that the cooperation between the Dutch and African colleagues appears to be so fruitful that office expansion is required.

“Apart from that, creation in the sense of economic development and jobs, is what Uganda needs so very much.”

The Tunga Hub has sufficient capacity for up to 50 colleagues and is conveniently located next to Bugolobi Market for shopping and close to Bandali Rise, offering plenty of bars and restaurants.

In other words, it is the ideal combination of work and play. The new centre has capacity for presentations, meetings and workspaces with guaranteed internet access.

Several lectures have been planned for the Tunga Academy, providing free courses for software developers. These courses will take place either online or in the meeting rooms. Tunga is now looking into opening a similar hub in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ernesto Spruyt, Tunga CEO said that they had outgrown their old office and started looking for a larger and more multifunctional Tunga hub centre.

“We wanted a space that has educational, recreational and of course developing facilities to offer, including meeting rooms which are really crucial to facilitate knowledge transfer. The new hub is in line with the vision I had for Tunga since day one: lots of space, high ceilings and a large garden boasting a swimming pool and a BBQ pit. This is a place where we can house, inspire and help flourish our growing Tunga community. All Tunga developers are welcome here, where a sense of freedom will fuel dedicated and inspired development work. We are open now, ladies and gentlemen developers, so be welcome and bring your table tennis bat, your swim shorts and of course your good mood!”

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