WhatsApp Status To Start Appearing On The Main Chat Lists

WhatsApp Status To Start Appealing On The Main Chat Lists

WhatsApp has been rolling out a number of features in a bid to better services to over two billion active users across the globe who have settled on the app as the instant messaging app.

A recent development is the ability to view status updates within chats just like how you view Instagram stories.

WhatsApp status within the chat list

The new feature will be available for select WhatsApp users as it undergoes trials until the company goes ahead and releases the feature to all users. The best thing that you can do is wait for it until when the update is released.

Another thing to make note of is that WhatsApp can easily go ahead and scrape this feature if it feels that it is not going to be useful for anyone.

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WhatsApp has become the go-to messaging app, people prefer using WhatsApp to regular SMS texting.

Meta has been developing the app actively and adding new features to the app, recently, the platform released a feature to retrieve messages deleted by mistake with an ‘undo’ button with enhancements on ability to block screenshots of view once images and videos. Users can also hide their online status, create larger groups, and a lot more features all appearing on users running the latest beta version of the app on Android or iOS.