Rwandan Ride-Sharing Platform YEGO Global Enters Kenya

Rwandan Ride-Sharing Platform YEGO Global Enters Kenya

Rwandese ride-sharing platform YEGO Global has entered the Kenyan market, to charge drivers a 12 percent commission per trip.

Through its local subsidiary YEGO Mobility Kenya Limited, the firm seeks to provide drivers with better terms as well as reasonable fares for passengers.

Over the last two years, the firm has invested heavily in Kenya’s mobility sector through in-depth on-ground feasibility studies, aimed at addressing drivers’ and passengers’ plights.

“It is a very proud moment for YEGO Mobility to be the 1st licensed app by NTSA in Kenya,”

“We are providing a customized solution for Kenya, one that has been purpose-built to free the driver community from the digital slavery of the Gig economy,” YEGO Global CEO and Founder Karanvir Singh said.

The app will also offer drivers free personal accident insurance as well as medical coverage.

Prevailing fuel prices and traffic situations will determine trip fares. Furthermore, drivers can withdraw their earnings on demand with the actual processing fees.

Only last week, Uber and Bolt drivers staged demonstrations after the Government failed to implement a commission cap of 18 percent on fares.

Car owners will also be able to join the savings and credit cooperative (SACCO) that is currently being set up. YEGO has committed its 10 percent dividend payout to SACCO.

So far, over 5,000 drivers have joined YEGO. It expects to onboard more drivers in Nairobi.

“It has been a long journey, from understanding the challenges faced by both Drivers and Passengers to incorporating not just a solution, but a company that’s foundation is built on a double-bottom line – we are impacting first and profit second,”

“Unlike other players who made lofty promises they did not keep, as already demonstrated, we are serious about our commitments!”

YEGO Global has been operating in Rwanda since 2016, becoming the first licensee in Rwanda to provide a smart mobility solution using Intelligent Connected Fare Meters (ICFM).

YEGO has a 100 percent market share of the local taxicab and Boda Boda market in Kigali and it plans to expand across the country.