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Cyber risks are becoming more complex and challenging

The rate at which digital technology is evolving and disrupting traditional business models, cyber risks seem to evolve even faster. Despite declining business confidence in the ability to manage cyber risk, business leaders are now clearly recognising the critical nature of cyber threats and are starting to identify and embrace best practices to mitigate risks. […]
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Leverage On Video On-Demand To Tell African Stories

By Liz Kilili Africa’s film industry is set for a revolution in the next few years as filmmakers continue to increase in the continent. This has been brought about by the surge in internet penetration and streaming video on demand services that has eased the distribution of films in the continent. Particularly, Streaming Video-on-Demand(VOD) services […]
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Peter Ndegwa appointed Safaricom CEO

Safaricom PLC Board of Directors has today appointed Mr. Peter Ndegwa as the company’s Chief Executive Officer effective April 1, 2020. He will take over from the acting chief executive Mr. Michael Joseph, who took over the leadership of the company in August following the death of Bob Collymore. “Peter brings a wealth of experience […]
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Why revolutionary technologies will drive African prosperity

Right now, we’re at a tipping point in Africa’s development. We’re hurtling headlong into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which has the potential to turbocharge the socio-economic development of the entire African continent. We’ve got the youngest continent in the world, with 60% of Africa’s 1.25 billion people under the age of 25. If we […]
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Africa's Fintech Cyber attack

Growth in Fintech Drives Growth in Cyberattacks

Africa’s Fintech ecosystem has surged 60% in the last two years and the continent’s Fintech firms have grown to 491 from 301 in 2017, with $132.8 million raised in 2018 Africa’s Fintech sector is booming! According to reports (, Africa’s Fintech ecosystem has surged 60% in the last two years and the continent’s Fintech firms have […]
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10 Tech trends Directors Need to Know as 2020 Approaches

Heading into fall with eyes on 2020, corporate boards should brace for the increasing impact of digital migration, artificial intelligence (AI), and cultural shifts on their companies – and what this means for their role as directors, says WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation (WCD). “Trends point to a very different reality for boards today than five or ten years ago,” says Susan […]
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The rise of Sub-Saharan Africa as a Fintech hub

By Mike Smits Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the fastest-growing investment zones for financial technology companies according to new research says, Forbes. The GSM Association says in its Mobile Economy, Sub-Saharan Africa 2019 report that the region will remain the fastest-growing worldwide. Predicting a total subscriber base of over 600 million by 2025, which represents […]
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and humans in Customer experience (CX) – not an either/or situation

In the customer journey, artificial intelligence is not set to replace human engagement, but rather to enhance and underpin it By Merijn te Booij, chief marketing officer (CMO) at Genesys ( AI is by far the biggest hype I have seen in my career, and for good reason. It could revolutionise customer experience at a […]
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