10 Easy Ways to Speed up Your Huawei Wi-Fi Router

10 Easy Ways to Speed up Your Huawei Wi-Fi Router

According to a recent government report, broadband customers in the UK suffer from a “poor” internet connection. A report from a coalition of 100 different MPs found that 5.7 million people did not receive Offcom’s download speed.

While scientists try to solve the problem with better cables and connections, here are some tips to speed up Wi-Fi today. Huawei router prices are different in all countries; you can buy them online.

  1. Place the router in the correct position

The best place for a roommate is somewhere in the centre of the house, on a table or shelf, not on the floor. Having an open spine – no walls or barriers – helps as the horns rise straight up. Utilizing the Helmholtz equation, a researcher at Imperial College London found the best way to limit the number of walls and corners a signal must pass through. Placing it indoors is the best way to avoid dark spots.

  1. Keep it away from electrical appliances

Most people place their routes near a TV or telephone, but this interferes with signal reception. It is best to separate the router from other electrical appliances such as fairy lights, speakers, TVs, monitors, and AC power cords.

  1. Separate from wireless signals

Bluetooth speakers and baby monitors may interrupt your wireless signal. Buy a dual-band router if you can’t keep your router running smoothly on other devices.

  1. Put your mark in a beer can

Utilize an empty beer can as a DIY parabolic stick, a lightweight case that picks up the signal from other devices while amplifying the signal on your line. Cut off the top and bottom of the beer can and cut out the middle to make a metal sheet. Fold this into the back of the router’s antenna to build a dome, leaving the front invisible – voila. You can make simple do-it-yourself Wi-Fi amplifiers from empty Pringles containers.

  1. Use a password

Password-protecting your home broadband network can help speed it up and provide significant security. Find out what devices are using your network at any given time – most machines will block slow motion speed.

  1. Set your router to restart regularly

Restarting the router is an unfortunate way to speed it up. Instead of manually doing this whenever you’re Wi-Fi is lazy; set a default schedule to continue once a day or week.

  1. Channel switching

Switching your Wi-Fi to a channel your neighbours don’t have can significantly improve our performance. The best Wi-Fi channels in the UK are 1, 6, and 11.

  1. Get a signal booster

High gain antennas send stronger signals than those that come with the track. This can increase Wi-Fi range and power.

  1. Find another router

Having a second system installed in your home can help boost your Wi-Fi signal.

  1. Look at new technologies

Huawei 4G router can increase Wi-Fi speed up to ten times. Its three boxes work together to distribute Wi-Fi throughout the home without additional wiring.