10 Ways On How To Make Money Online In Kenya

10 ways on how to make money online in Kenya

In this current age of technology making money online has become easier than ever before. Today you can make money online easily.

All you have to do is have an internet connection, a computer, or a smartphone and the will to work.

This way you can make money within the comfort of your home. To begin, there are several ways you can work online depending on your interests in the various sectors of the economy, ranging from the most popular social media marketing & advertising, content production, transcriptions, and many more.

Most of these online jobs are usually paid through Skrill, direct bank transfer, or through PayPal which you can transfer directly to your Mpesa – which we have covered here.

  1. Blogging

If you have a particular passion for something and would like to write about it, blogging could be a profitable way to spill out your infinite stream of insight.

You will start by establishing a website; (talk to us about the kind of website you need) then you will consistently add quality content and articles to the website with the topics of your choice.

That’s the hard part; now the easy part is selling advertising and using your blog as a platform to promote other businesses.

With the right amount of traffic to your blog, you can then convert that to money through two main methods which are advertising and affiliate marketing.

  1. V-logging

Vlogging is taking shape, especially with YouTube. You can learn more on vlogging by watching what other people are vlogging about to learn how to do yours the best way possible.

Majorly, it entails giving your viewers what they want, captivating them with rich, consistent and quality content. You also need to know how to shoot your videos and edit them properly. There are different software’s for that but your skills will also contribute to how good your videos will look.

  1. Social Media Influencer

Whether you are on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, social media influence is a trend. Provided your page has several followers/friends, it is easier to scale from there.

A lot of big companies hire out many of these tasks to people who better understand the challenges and rewards of Social Media. That’s where you come in.

  1. Academic Writing

Academic writers spend most of their time writing essays, assignments, and research papers for clients. A large part of this writing is academic type.

Examples of sites that hire academic writers in Kenya and East Africa at large are: Uvocorp.com, Writerbay.com or EssayShark.com

You can get clients/students from local and international learning institutions sending their school essay projects and term papers to be done at a fee. On a good month, writers can make more than KSh 50,000 or more.

To do this, you’ll need to learn a few things among them the academic referencing styles. The main ones are APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, and Chicago. Mastering them is your primary goal as an academic writer.

  1. Forex Trading

Online Forex trading is an interesting venture. You can make money online by being a forex trader through training from online information or through YouTube. You can also get tips from a professional forex trader.

With this form of trading, you need a computer, a funded account with a broker, and trading knowledge to make a living.

With forex, the aim is to earn from predicting the relative strengths of currencies to one another. For example, you can trade the American dollar for the euro or British pound. You can also trade commodities such as gold, silver, and others using the same strategies.

On average forex traders make anything from US$50 (Kes. 500) to US$200 (Kes.2000) in a day.

  1. Sell Your Photos Online

Today, Photographers have resorted to selling their photos online. You can also do this, and you don’t need to be a professional photographer.

You can make money online by just using your smartphone. Places to sell your photos and graphics include:

  1. Get Paid Taking Surveys

You can make money online from the comfort of your sofa by taking online surveys. These are the sites you can join to take online surveys;

  1. Become a Transcriptionist

If you are fast at typing, you might be able to cash in a good income as a transcriptionist. You can find a reputable site you can look for jobs online, you can start with TranscribeMe! which is one of the best.

  1. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is not an entirely new concept, it is, however, an excellent idea because it requires little money to get going.

Dropshipping involves being a reseller, where you don’t keep the products you sell in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model you have implemented from a third party it is then shipped directly to the customer.

Dropshipping can be the most profitable business model of all and by using it, you can easily make money online because you are not responsible for the costs of shipping and manufacturing.

  1. Web & Domain Hosting

Domain and web hosting services as a gateway to the online world of information, it is one of the highest-paying online ventures, where you can make money online fast.

The easiest way to do this is to be a hosting reseller; you can purchase hosting services from renowned hosting companies, and you can actualize this with minimum investment and without much server knowledge.

To succeed, however, you’ll want to spend the time learning about the tools and technologies that will help you on your journey and develop a business plan that outlines the steps to lasting profitability.


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