7 Proven tips how Instagram Reels can Promote your Brand  

7 Proven tips how Instagram Reels can Promote your Brand  

Instagram is perhaps the most widely utilized social media stage in this day and age. Instagram, not just aids in staying in contact with individuals, it is also utilized for business advancements.

You can post stories and reels to advance your business and gain an increased engagement on Instagram. 

In the contemporary scenario with much advancement in creativity, people have moved from consuming monotonous content like pictures to engaging content like reels. Instagram’s reels are not limited to dance challenges and instructional videos.

With its wide reach, engaging format and Instagram growth services, it is perhaps the best feature on Instagram to promote your brand and increase engagement on Instagram. From small businesses to top brands, everybody is on reels attempting to acquire more business.

Having perceived the significance of Instagram reels, this article will now give you 7 proven tips on how reels can promote your brand.

  • Post Behind the Scenes 

Your followers are consistently curious to see what goes into the thinking about the brand, the items, and everything related to it. Thus, leverage that interest of the client and give them behind-the-scenes content.

Give them a brief look at the background of your product, the brand, and the creation of the product. This will help you increase engagement on Instagram, and produce curiosity amidst new followers.

It will advance your brand as real and authentic, which is not hesitant to show the followers what goes on behind the screen. Make a 15- or 30-seconds reel with time-lapse that your followers would like to interact with. 

  • Make Teasers 

For what reason are trailers and teasers released before movies? Solely because it creates a feeling of anticipation and excitement amidst the crowd.

The method can be likewise used in creating Instagram reels that give your audience a promo, a small teaser, or an idea about your new product that keeps them hooked to your brand.

Making a reel about a new service or a product that you are going to offer to your followers keeps your audience engaged by adding an element of suspense to the product. This is an easy and tantalizing way to gain engagement on Instagram from your followers. 

  • Begin a Reward System 

Give your followers an additional reason to watch your reels. Put up a caption in your reel that requests your audience to watch the reel till the end to gain a benefit, a surprise, or a gift.

By using this simple tantalizing tip, you invite an increased engagement on Instagram. By offering your audience a gift or a surprise, you invite them to follow your brand which in turn benefits your brand and gains you clients. 


  • Use Call-to-Action (CTA)

Reels are an extraordinary method to offer important knowledge, tips, or share ideas on practically any subject. When you offer interesting pieces of information or an exciting product, your followers are bound to look for it.

Record your tips and finish each reel with a CTA. The CTA could be to go to your website or wait for the next reel on the same topic. Utilizing a CTA in your Instagram reel to guide watchers to where they can go for more data will help you reach out to a larger audience. 


  • Influencer Collaborations 

Influencers are those individuals who have the talent and capacity to change what others think, even what they buy. Impacts of an influencer are an exceptionally huge source with regards to the advancement of your brand. Social media influencers are expanding in number and they are experts in creating reels.

They know how to promote your content in a way that is interesting and persuades people to be involved with your brand. Advancing your brand through reels on Instagram working together with influencers will help you gain an increased engagement on Instagram.


  • Be Creative 

You may imagine that 15 seconds is long enough for anybody to watch a video yet people have demonstrated that 15 seconds can at times be a lot of time to put into a dull reel. To keep your followers engaged, add some fascinating filters and inventive changes.

Edits can be as simple as transitions from one place to another, one outfit to another, or one shot to another. Caption your videos and/or add music to your reels to invite an increased engagement on Instagram.

  • Tell your Story 

Instagram Reels can make your brand story into a very intriguing one. Rather than going to an ‘About Page’ on a site and perusing a brand story, create reels that will increase engagement on Instagram and invite customers to your brand.

This story can incorporate music and old photographs, customer reviews, and how your business reached the height it is at. Having an Instagram reel that shows what your identity is and your reason for selling your product is amicable, relatable, and it builds a loyal following. 


Reels are the best way to market your brand now. They are short, fresh, and increase engagement on Instagram. The tips mentioned above will assist you with utilizing reels to their best potential and set aside your money to buy Instagram views. Like every other promoting methodology, the key is to test and check.

Test new substance and check the analytics to perceive how well your audience preferred it. Improve and repeat what works. Follow these quick tips and do not hesitate to use a little help of websites from where you can buy Instagram views to increase your engagement rates on Instagram