Africa’s e-security Is The Worst Among All Continents

Africa’s e-security Is The Worst Among All Continents

Africa’s e-security is the worst among all continents, according to Surfshark’s Digital Quality of Life study. The report comes following the news of repeated cyber attacks on 12 African countries by the cybercriminal group OPERA1ER. 

The e-security index includes an evaluation of a country’s cybersecurity (how well a country can counter cybercrime) and the quality of data protection laws.

Africa’s e-security index is 42% lower than the global average and 64% lower than Europe’s average (the continent with the best average e-security).

“Electronic security is crucial in keeping a country and its residents safe. Without adequate security tools and laws, cybercriminals may be able to steal and sell people’s sensitive information for a profit, which is something that we’ve seen a lot of in the recent past.”, comments Surfshark’s lead researcher Agneska Sablovskaja. “Surfshark’s Digital Quality of Life Index can help authorities and citizens open their eyes to this big problem and work proactively to solve it.”

Cybercriminal groups like OPERA1ER thrive in countries with low e-security

Over the past 4 years, the cybercriminal group OPERA1ER hacked 12 African countries through more than 30 separate attacks. Targets included telecommunication companies and financial institutions which resulted in a loss of at least $11 million for the 12 African countries. Attacks like these are easiest to commit in countries with low e-security.

Of all African countries analyzed, Morocco has the best e-security, while Condo DR comes in last

  • Morocco has an e-security index of 0.56 (97% higher than Africa’s average) and is followed by Mauritius and Tunisia. 
  • Congo DR comes in last with an index of 0.01 (95% lower than Africa’s average). Just ahead of Congo DR are Botswana and Tanzania.