Benefits of Using a Mobile Phone Proxy

Benefits of Using a Mobile Phone Proxy

Any time you go online, you get that sneaky feeling that you’re in control. Just like a driver on the wheel! However, that good feeling can easily turn into a nightmare, especially if you’re browsing the internet without a mobile proxy.


Many people do not know or are never concerned with the finer details of how the internet works. Consequently, cybercriminals take advantage of this ignorance through committing hacker attacks and phishing. To enjoy online security, educate yourself on the basics of online security.


What is a Mobile Proxy


As the word proxy suggests, mobile proxies use their IP addresses to act on behalf of your mobile device’s IP address. Mobile proxy servers are the gateways between the internet and your device.

With the use of mobile proxies, your online presence remains anonymous.


How Does a Mobile Proxy Work


As we’ve mentioned above, mobile proxies act as an intermediary that connects end users. It secures the user’s sensitive data, identity, and address against unwanted people.


Requests between end-users have to go through the proxy, ensuring mobile proxy users have online masking.


We’ll use a gateman to illustrate and understand how mobile proxies work. When you visit an office building, the first person you meet is the gateman. The gateman acts on the authority of the boss. Even if the boss is your great friend, the gateman’s orders are final at that moment. Long story short, you must go through the gateman to get to the boss.


That’s the same way a mobile proxy works.


Who Should Use a Mobile Proxy


Mobile proxies can be used by anybody as long as you have the following needs.


  1. You need to secure private and sensitive data against hackers
  2. You need to hide your identity for whatever reason
  3. You need to hide your address and location


Types of Mobile Proxies


There are several mobile proxies in the market, but the common ones include:


Dedicated Proxies


This proxy gives one IP address to one user. There is no over usage of the IP addresses, unlike in other proxies. Some big sites like Instagram and Amazon may block or even ban your account once they detect many requests originating from one IP address. Dedicated proxies are fast, since you don’t share them with anyone else.


Rotating Proxies


Just like dedicated proxies, rotating proxies are used by only one person. This means that the speeds are high, and the likelihood of getting banned or blocked by the big site is minimal. In addition to this, most online users prefer the rotating proxies because the proxy turns or rotates to a new proxy every 10 minutes.


SSL Proxies


This proxy encrypts and decrypts interaction between end-users using a secure sockets layer. The good thing with SSL proxies is that neither the client nor the client detects their presence. You can use SSL proxies for mobile use because of these reasons:

  • Authenticates server certificate and issues new key, thereby acting as the client
  • Encryption and decryption occur both ways, server, and client.
  • Controls what requires to be decrypted and encrypted


Benefits of Mobile Proxies


There are many benefits one can get from using mobile proxies. Below is a list of some of the top benefits:


Ad Verification


A major benefit that a user gets from the use of mobile proxies is ad verification. When you watch ads on your mobile device without a proxy, the advertiser can collect information on the device user and actual device and location. However, if ads are run on a device that has a proxy, all your details are hidden.


Security of Sensitive Information


The loss determines the sensitivity of information that one would incur in the event of losing that information or data. The nature of loss may be financial or otherwise.


A company may be having a product manufactured with a unique formula. To stay ahead and to keep the secret formula from their competitors, company directors may decide to use mobile proxies.


People of ill intentions, including politicians, government agencies, and lawyers, may also use sensitive information against you. But with a mobile proxy, you can be sure to evade all their evil intentions.


Information Access


Mobile proxies ensure that no one hides the information of whatever nature from you. Mobile proxies bypass any censorship due to geolocation, workplace rules, and country laws.


The information may be crucial to your line of work, but just because you’re from a certain location, you may never get access to it. To some extent, it borders on racism. A practical example is Netflix. People from some parts of the globe do not have access to Netflix.


Fast Connections


Due to cache storage, some mobile proxies can speed up connection speeds. The browser doesn’t have to do fresh searches when new requests are made, especially for sites that receive similar requests, government and educational institutions are a good example.


On the other hand, a lot of caches may slow down your connection speed and slow your device. A mobile proxy may be used to help block the direct download cache.




Most people clear cookies and cache from time to time but not always. Did you know that cookies provide other online users with footprints for your online activities?


Suppose hackers or other people go through the cookies on your device. In that case, they may be able to tell what content you accessed, and they may even decide to go back to that content and use it against you.


With a mobile proxy, you can rest assured knowing that your online presence is safe and secure from hackers and online intruders.


Price Comparison


Some merchants show different prices for their products in different locations. You may also realize price change when you view prices from different devices. To avoid being duped, the use of a mobile proxy is highly recommended.




With proper information on mobile proxies, anyone intending to secure and safeguard their data, location, and online presence cannot ignore the benefits of using a mobile proxy.