Best Bets to Make Online

Best Bets to Make Online

It seems as if everyone is always looking for the latest Super Bowl odds, regardless of what time of year it is. Super Bowl odds are some of the most popular odds to find at an online sportsbook, but it’s definitely not the only option. 


Not only are you going to see plenty of different odds when it comes to sports betting online, but you are also going to see different betting options as well. It can be overwhelming when looking at all of the different options out there, but there are some that should stand out.


If you are looking for a new betting type, then here are some of the best bets to make when betting online.


Betting against the spread is a common phrase used when discussing sports betting, and there is a good reason for that. Betting the spread is extremely popular, and it continues to be a great way to wager on live sporting events. 


Betting against the spread continues to be more popular when it comes to betting on basketball or football, but you can find options for other sports as well. If you choose this betting option online, then it can lead to a nice payout. 


One betting option that some people tend to forget about is betting the total, or it’s sometimes called an over/under bet. This can be a great betting option because you don’t even have to pick the winning or losing team when betting the over/under. 


This is another betting option that is usually going to have odds set at -110 for each side, and that’s one of the better payouts that you will find. 


Betting the moneyline will always be an option when you are looking to bet on sports online, but it’s sometimes not the best option to look at. One reason that you would want to stay away from the moneyline is that it can be hard to win a ton of money if using this betting option. 


If you are going to bet on an underdog, then it’s a good idea to check out the moneyline, but simply betting on favourites is going to come with some risk and not much of a reward. Baseball and soccer are two sports where the moneyline is a good pick to make but look at different options for other sports. 


If you are looking to win big when betting on sports then you should be looking into putting together a parlay. You should be warned that making a winning parlay can be extremely difficult to do, but you’re going to feel great if you win. 


When you are putting together a parlay, you are able to use many different betting types to help you try to win big. You don’t solely want to rely on putting together parlays, but focusing on them every once in a while is never a bad play. 

Futures Bet

 A futures bet is another great option when it comes to betting on sports online because you are going to get a nice payout regardless of what you bet on. A futures bet can be made on which team will eventually win a championship, or you can look to bet on individual player awards. 


You will find future betting odds months ahead of the start of a season, and future Super Bowl odds come out almost immediately after the previous season ends. 

Player Props

Prop betting has been around for years, but a new form of prop betting has come to be an even better option. Player props are a unique wager on individual games, and it can add some fun and excitement when betting. 


If you are going to bet on player props, then you should be looking for value in the odds, but also focusing on the top individual players. 

Live Betting

Live betting can be a bit difficult for some sports if you are betting in person, but that isn’t the case if you are betting online. You can find some great in-play betting lines for most sporting events that are taking place, and you’ll find some value in the odds. 


One nice thing about live betting is that you can hedge your pregame wager, or you can look to double down on a bet if you are feeling confident about things playing out.