Best practices for writing a resume for a Computer Science Internship

Best practices for writing a resume for a Computer Science Internship

When you are writing a resume for a computer science internship make sure you highlight the right skills.

Having a solid list of hard skills is not always necessary while applying for a computer science engineering job, but mentioning it will boost your chances of getting shortlisted! Did you know that the average CSE salary for computer science engineers is around $71,300?

In order to make a perfect resume for computer science, skills, projects, and professional experience are needed to be highlighted to make sure to land your dream job interview.

These tips will ensure that you actually get your internship! 

Make sure you include these essentials:

Do your research about the job description

 Reading about the company before you apply for an internship with them is always a good idea. 

Write a crisp but short summary

This will ensure that the reader is attracted to the rest of your resume that you took hours to perfect!

Make sure you make note of the right skills

You might be knowing programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and C#. You could also jazz up your resume with your knowledge of Cyber Security, AI, Web Development, and BigData.

You will obviously get shortlisted if you mention that you have the relevant skills that employers are looking for!

Make sure that your resume is applicant tracking compliant

You need to include some Applicant Tracking System Compliant keywords especially in the summary and in the skills section. This way your CV will get singled out among the others.

Remember that adding your work experience is optional!

 Writing your work experience is optional for interns. Adding this section will heighten your chances of getting the internship that you are looking for. Note down whatever volunteering opportunities, projects, and assignments you worked on during your college life.

Listing your previous job details in this section is also a good idea if you have work experience!

Include your educational qualifications

 If you are still in college this is not a necessary step: you just need to mention the college you are in, and the stream. If you were a high school topper mention it. If you are a working professional, list all of your training, and certifications in chronological order, starting with the highest qualifications. 

Remember that adding references is a wonderful idea

College students should talk to professors and friends who can vouch for them. When writing references be sure to include the name, organization, designation as well as contact details of the reference.

Make sure to proofread your resume

Remember to proofread your resume, before you hand it over to the potential employer. This will make sure it makes the impact and drives home the message as well.

To conclude the main points-

Consider these tips while writing your resume. They will make your resume appear attractive.

  • Do your research on the job description
  • Write a crisp but short summary
  • Note down your skills
  • Make sure your resume is ATS compliant
  • Add work experience (optional)
  • Add your educational qualification
  • Include references
  • Proofread

These are indeed the best practices you can employ while writing your best CS internship resume! I hope you find the writing style easy to understand. Follow these tips and land that internship!