BitHub Africa announces Melanin Academy for Blockchain training

BitHub.Africa, a Blockchain Accelerator focused on driving Financial and Energy access across Africa is announcing the launch of Melanin Academy which will provide a 6-month long Blockchain Engineering Training and Internship program to selected youth across the African continent.

This will be done in partnership with KubitX a leading Digital Currency Exchange and Business Platform in Africa.

KubitX will offer business training and support to the most promising trainees who will go on to create start-ups using Blockchain technology and be supported by the KubitX platform.

BitHub Africa Co-Founder and Advisory Lead John Karanja and KubitX Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Victor Akoma-Philips made the announcement at the Black Blockchain Summit which was held at the prestigious Howard University in Washington DC in September 2019.

The Summit, which is co-hosted by BitHub Africa has brought together top Blockchain experts from around the World to discuss solutions to challenges facing black communities worldwide. BitHub Africa has also conducted Blockchain Engineering courses at Strathmore University Kenya’s premier institution of higher learning leading up to the launch of the Academy.

Since its founding in 2016, BitHub Africa has held over 20 Seminars, Workshops and Meet-ups across Africa seeding the emergence of a vibrant Blockchain eco-system on the youthful continent.

BitHub Africa through the Academy, intends to train a minimum of 2,000 engineers who will be needed to support the growing African Blockchain eco-system.  Applicants who don’t qualify for the program will have full access to a virtual immersive preparation course to prepare them for the Internship, this will ensure the opportunity is available to all interested persons.

During its 1-year pilot, BitHub Africa has already trained 7 Blockchain engineers who are actively building the following Blockchain applications:

  1. Machine Learning application for analyzing the productivity of Crypto-currencies
  2. Trustless Rewards Protocol for rewarding Solar Energy adoption
  3. Farmers Accelerator and Remittance Platform
  4. An automated Peer-to-Peer Distributed Energy Solution

The Melanin Academy has already secured several additional partnerships with leading Blockchain across Africa and will be adding more organizations in 2020.