Dana Communications: The Uber of the courier world

Ambitious young woman sets up a unique parcel delivery service

By Brian Yatich

The parcel delivery industry in Kenya has changed over the past decade, with public transits and electronic mail dethroning the original postal services.

According to a report by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), this change can be attributed to the growth of e-commerce and the internet.

The report, however, says there are very low numbers of access points in various regions in Kenya to meet demand for the logistical services available.

Inspired by the need to provide fast and secure logistics service in and around Nairobi, a Kenyan entrepreneur has decided to sink her teeth into this industry, brushing shoulders with international parcel companies like TNT, DHL and the likes.

“I bought a TV online and it took more than a week to be delivered so I thought what the problem might be and that’s how Dana came about, that’s how I thought of a courier service,” says Nancy Amunga, the CEO of Dana Communications.

She says timing is her strong point, if anything she likes everything done promptly.

“I’ve heard individuals and companies complaining that their orders have taken too long to be delivered, others say it usually takes six hours and sometimes even longer once they have placed a call for a delivery,” she says.

Being a casualty of the same scenario, Amunga decided to be part of the solution and assist companies, especially e-commerce and online shop stores, in satisfying their customers by making sure their parcels gets to them safe and secure.

Armed with her savings of around US$100 in March 2014, Amunga decided to set up a courier rider service that collects, delivers and dispatches products and runs errands.

Amunga’s soft spot for business grew from her interaction with start-ups, having attended several intra African investment as well as entrepreneurial seminars.

Faced with the problem of raising capital, she moved from selling vintage to insurance and has engaged in various activities including modelling as well as directing TV shows until she finally owned her own logistic company.

“I am happier where I am despite the challenges,” she says.

She attests that safety and security of how they handle their client’s products is the firm’s core principle and feature that gives them an edge on competitors.

“Our main aim is to make people happy as we make their lives easier and comfortable. We make sure we keep an open communication with our clients and also seek their feedback every now and then,” she says.

“Starting a company from scratch is never easy; you have to be very passionate about it. The work involves dealing with many clients simultaneously and meeting people who have different attitudes and expectations. You always have to be patient and listen to them,” she explains.

She says social media and various e-commerce sites have been key marketing tools.

“The satisfaction that I see on my client’s face every time we do a good job and the fact that the company has been able to employ some people means we are contributing to the betterment of this country,” she says.

She, however could disclose figures, but indicates annual revenues are well over a million shillings.

She attributes her success to patience, discipline and hard work.

The main challenge Amunga faces is finance.

“We would like to be able to cover all the regions in Kenya where there is demand. We are also looking to expand and cover the whole of east Africa,” she adds.

The 24-year-old Multi-Media University graduate was awarded the Top 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs award by Vimal Shah, KCA University and African Garage in 2015.

She has contracts with corporate organizations like Lake Gas Limited, EMS limited, PigiaMe-online shop and KilliMall.

“You should always go for something that you are passionate about, be different and never give up,” she says.