Different Ways Blockchain Will Forever Change Link Building and SEO

Different Ways Block chain Will Forever Change Link Building and SEO

By Aneeq Gill

How can you define blockchain technology in the simplest of ways? For any non-technical person, it is a ledger that operates in the digitized form.

Other than that, it is related to various industries including finance, risk management, and banking. Along with that, it has had a major impact on various aspects including backlink building in SEO.

Blockchain has provided users with several benefits including identification and elimination of negative backlinks. At times, users are not cautious while using a backlink generator online tool and consider links that are categorized as black hat.

With Blockchain technology, this issue and several related problems can be combated.

Keyways blockchain will make changes to the SEO scene

Here are some key ways in which blockchain technology will modify search engine optimization strategies.

1. The concept of smart backlinks

The concept of smart backlinks is not known to a lot of people since it is a recent option and every conventional backlink generator online tool might not support it.

Smart backlinks come with a tracking option. This means that they keep a record of the pages they are connected to. These backlinks are definitely a discovery based on blockchain technology.

A good backlink may be supporting several pages so tracking is very much important.

2. Click frauds will face an end

If you talk about pay per click options, they act as integral components for the digital marketing process. Companies pay a certain sum for each click and they have a restricted budget to deal with. At times, brands that are competing with you would adopt this illegitimate practice to ruin your advertising budget.

With blockchain technology, this problem can be solved. In most cases, companies use bots for these frauds. These activities can be tracked and prevented in a timely manner so that companies do not face damages.

Click frauds cause large-scaled monetary damages for brands. Their advertising budget gets ruined without earning any revenue. Implementation of blockchain technology will help in combating illegitimate clicks and improving sales volumes.

3. The elimination of advertising middlemen

If you have a look at the overall advertising scenario, Google charges a big sum of money from advertisers who are busy in promotional activities.

However, if you have a look at the role that Google plays, it is nothing more than a middleman. Why should advertisers be paying 50 or 60 percent of the total sum they earn? With blockchain technology, the middleman role is expected to be removed forever.

In other words, advertising will be decentralized and have more clarity.

4. Credibility of content assured

On the internet, there is lots of information which has a question mark when it comes to credibility. It is not easy to trust these sources. As a result, people who work hard on developing quality content with a sincere approach suffer a lot. Blockchain technology will provide a complete solution to this problem.

People who offer genuine content backed by proper research will be able to excel. One factor that it would impact is the SEO rank.

In the current situation, trust is not a parameter to check how good or bad a web page is. With the implementation of blockchain technology operating in full flow, websites are expected to get their ranks on the basis of trust as well. This simply means that genuine content creators will be able to offer top-notch information to the readers without any competition with substandard providers.

5. Credit card frauds will not take place

People selling products and services through e-commerce platforms face a major challenge these days. If someone is using a credit card that he does not own, it would be hard to detect things.

Blockchain technology will be able to provide a person based confirmation. In other words, if a person named Marshal is using a credit card that he does not own, it would easily be detected.

E commerce sellers have to go through tons of monetary losses due to this issue. With block chain technology, the overall security standard will be improved and the risks of frauds will be eliminated.

Summing it up

The world of crypto SEO has evolved a lot in the past years if you have a look at the trends that have been followed. There is no doubt that blockchain technology is expected to take the modification to a completely different level. For instance, you would not have to worry about your digital advertising budget getting wasted.

Brands face this problem when competitors use bots to make fake clicks. As a result, the entire budget that has been kept for PPC campaigns gets consumed without any productivity. The implementation of blockchain technology will be able to put a stop to this.

Another positive SEO change will be introduction of smart backlinks. Through this option, a backlink would be used to track all pages that it is connected to. In a nutshell, blockchain technology is expected to bring a revolution in the SEO world and make it more useful.