Egypt takes on Electric Cars

For the first time, Egypt will host the international competition for electric vehicles in which of 150 students from 10 engineering schools in Egypt will participate during the first half of March 2016.

The competition will be organised by the organisation Global Education, Energy, Environment (Global EEE).

CEO of Abu Suma Company for Tourism Development and host of the competition Ibrahim Al-Meseiry said the event will contribute to creating leaders and future businessmen from university students in Egypt.

The competition will encourage innovation and the creation of new  ideas to develop aspects of Egypt and achieve the goal of maintaining the environment and the diversity of alternative energy sources.

Director of Egypt’s regional operations in Global EEE Khaled Mostafa emphasised that the success of various over the upcoming years will not just depend on the availability of renewable energy resources. It will actually, to a large extent, depend on their industry, management, preparation of an innovative generation of leaders, and professionals from different disciplines such as engineers, teachers, economists, lawyers, government leaders, and businessmen.

He explained that creative thinking and innovation has become a prerequisite to compete in the future of this sector, which requires a good understanding of technology and progress in the field of renewable energy.

The 2014 Hybrid-Electric Challenge in Dubai was tremendous success. It was organised for students of engineering colleges in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and supported by the Emirates Foundation and Global EEE who collaborated with SomaBay Tourism Development Company to establish this competition in Egypt in order to encourage students to compete and develop their innovative skills to promote the hybrid-electric energy progress, Mosatafa said.

Global EEE, headed by the Egyptian scientist Nabih Badawi, has been organising this competition in various countries around the world for 30 years; the most recent of which was held in Dubai in 2014, where the organisation has an experienced and qualified team in technology, marketing, education, and car racing.


src: daily news egypt