Emotet Trojan evades Microsoft’s macro block in new OneNote file campaign

Emotet Trojan evades Microsoft's macro block in new OneNote file campaign

Check Point Research has released its Global Threat Index for March 2023, which highlights the most prevalent malware, vulnerabilities, and attacked industries in that month.

According to the report, Emotet Trojan launched a new campaign last month to evade Microsoft’s macro block, sending spam emails containing malicious OneNote files.

Once the file is opened, a fake message appears to trick the victim into clicking the document, which downloads the Emotet infection. Meanwhile, Ahmyth was the most prevalent mobile malware, and Log4j took the top spot once again as the most exploited vulnerability.

Manufacturing was the most attacked industry globally, followed by Consultant and Leisure/Hospitality.

In Kenya, Qbot was the most prevalent malware last month, followed by Formbook and XMRig.