‘ETHSafari’ A Cryptocurrency Event To Be Hosted In Kenya

ETHSafari' A Cryptocurrency Event To Be Hosted In Kenya

ETHSafari a cryptocurrency event that will host several enthusiasts and experts from across Africa is coming to Kenya. 

The conference is slated for the 18th and 24th of September in Kilifi County.

According to a statement from the organizers, the fair will round up more than 1000 attendees from across continental Africa.

The idea of the event is to delve into the crypto ecosystem, hack and celebrate the firm’s progress over the years similar to other firms that have invested heavily in digital money, the event will make a case for a decentralized future, use cases that have since been deployed in the continent, and the people that are behind the digital money technology.

That’s not all: the event will also be marked by discussions around how crypto firms will bridge the gap between ‘the global ecosystem and the African ecosystem.’

Among the primary tracks that will feature during the show include DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), DeFi (decentralized finance), Gaming, NFTs, and Impact.


Interested parties can attend the event virtually or physically, the first two days (18th to 19th)will feature a boot camp and then from 20th to 22nd, ETHSafari will cover a hackathon.

At that time, participants will be able to win cash prizes while teams will also be linked up to local and international mentors who will help them tackle critical challenges.

A conference will then be held from 22nd to 24th. According to organizers, it will feature a blend of local, regional and international speakers. Participants will be apprised of the conference’s agenda at a later date.

The final celebration will be conducted later on the last day (24th). Members will get to interact and network.

ETHSafari core contributor Sunny Satva said “Great events leave space for others to bring their creativity and energy. We’ve purposely left lots of gaps in the Nairobi schedule so our local frens can host events and meetups.”

Ethereum Foundation Africa Fellow and an instigator of ETHSafari Benson Njuguna said: “We’ve already had more than 270 signups for the event with nothing more than some dates and a logo announced to date. It shows that there’s huge interest in the space and we’re excited to fill a gap in hosting the very first Ethereum ecosystem event in the region and setting the stage for many future ETHSafari events around the continent.”