Games Like 2048 But Bigger And Better

Games Like 2048 But Bigger And Better

Help! online when 2048 first came out in early 2014. I absolutely love this game and still play it when I’m bored. Although I am a fan of the minimalist design of this game, I still wanted to explore the different possibilities that this game brought.

You played all the possible variations and clones and came up with the best 2048 alternative games. Let’s check it out.

Games like 2048

1. Strip

Let’s start with the game that retains the essence of 2048 online. Dotsup is puzzles that make you think outside the box. It does not follow the traditional 4×4 square layout and offers you unique layouts and a specific goal to achieve.

Instead of numbers, you get boxes with points that can be combined to form tiles from the previous tile stack. Your goal is to achieve the goal in the least amount of time. If you played in the year 2048, you will love it even more.

If you don’t know how to play 2048 then click on the link. 

2. Shoot N Merge

Classic bubble shooter combined with 2048 where you shoot numbers in a low grid. It uses both mechanics to present an interesting concept. You can depict tiles with numbers that stick to the grid at the top. If adjacent tiles match in value, they merge and create the larger value tile.

Your goal is to create a 2048 tile before the grid drops to the bottom. One interesting mechanic of this game that makes it more fun is that it merges tiles in two directions. If your tiles match, merge them all, which automatically gives you a huge advantage.

3. Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a popular puzzle game from the 80s, introduced in 1992 as part of Windows. Players use right-click to play, clicking a box on the grid to start.

The game developed by Robert Donner was introduced as part of the Windows operating system in 1992. The game’s goal is to find all the bombs on a grid without clicking on one. The layout includes a grid, a bomb counter, a timer, and a smiley face indicating game completion. The smiley face can also be used to restart the game.

4. Age 2048

Another takes place in the year 2048 which yields fruitful results. Age of 2048 is a similar game with a redesigned layout and instead of a number, you play with civilization elements.

Your goal is to build a city and advance civilization forward. Start by merging fires to create a tribal hut, merge that tribe, then a village, then a city, and so on. It’s a fun game with a bit of history mixed in.

5. Dead 2048

Zombies attacked and you have to defend your place by building a tower in this tower building 2048 merge. The game is set in a  farm with 16 blocks and a gate for the zombie entry point. You must swipe and combine defense towers to create a barrier to hold zombies on the other side.

You will have to use the resources carefully so that you don’t overtake the tower with excess tiles. There will be times when a zombie infection will attack the towers and you can kill the zombies by dropping a tower on them. So what are you waiting for? Go build that damn tower.

6. Impossible Nine

Do you think creating 2048 tiles is hard? Well, if I can hit double digits in this game, I’d consider myself a pro. Impossible Nine is a 2048-style game where the rules are slightly different. You can only upgrade to the next number when at least three tiles of the same value are touching each other.

The game is played on a 5×4 square and you can move individual tiles to a specific position since the path is clear on the board. You can stack higher values ​​together for later use and merge smaller tiles to create a high score.