How paraphrasing tools can improve your copywriting skills?

If you’re a fan of Madman then you know how integral copywriting is to advertising. They were able to sell cigarettes by saying that “it’s toasted”. That slogan really made a difference from their competitors. Now we’re not advocating smoking but it is just an example how advertising can change the perspective of the people. It is an excellent way of communicating with your consumers.

Consumers are really intelligent and they can recognize good copywriting when it is in front of their eyes. There are several characteristics that differentiate good copywriting from the average copywriting.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the important part of any type of marketing and advertisement of any business. It is the written content that attracts the leads towards business. So, it is obvious that the better the writing is, the more leads it will generate. It should be the type of writing that makes the reader take action, think and respond.

What is copywriting?
What is copywriting?

There is a difference between copywriting and blog posts. Blog writers have the liberty of jotting down their ideas in hundreds of words whereas copywriters can only write down the ideas in just a few lines.

Copywriting is the arrangement of words in such a way that it sells the products better. Therefore, it actually is paraphrasing of words and see what clicks with the audience.

Characteristics of good copywriting

There are certain things that distinguish good copywriting from a bad one. You can follow these instructions to make a copy of good sales. We have listed some of the good characteristics of good copywriting. Take a look at these tips and try to inculcate them into your writing.


Good copywriting is devoid of jargon

Good copywriting presents the ideas by summarizing them. It is free from any useless details that can lose the attention of the reader. The whole idea of copywriting is to attract people to your business. If you’re marketing through emails, then the subject line of the email is your weapon.

Because it is then and there where people decide if they are going to open the email or not. Therefore, having a compelling subject line is going to convince the readers. Also, try to retain the subject within 50 characters.

When writers fail to grab the attention of the reader, they usually fall back on the road of using jargon and hyperbole. While the truth is if your writing is good then it doesn’t need any dress-up or anything. Good writing should be able to communicate with the readers in human terms.

It connects you with your consumers

Good writing should be able to connect with your audience. It connects your business to your consumers. It bridges the gap and finds the right audience for your product. Once a journalist from WIRED described the copywriting as;


Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask people how they did something they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while


For instance, if you’re advertising a pair of joggers then you can write about the many connections that product has. You can describe the elasticity and design of the joggers. Or you also have the option of connecting the product with the experience that it entails. Both are good options but the second one is more attractive to the consumers.

Good copywriting can change the perspective

If copywriting is good, then it can alter the whole perspective of the users about your business. There are subtle messages that can be included in marketing, people tend to notice these details and increase the chances of sales.

The job of the copywriter is to break the barrier between users and businesses. Find the connection that resonates with the user. People usually try to block the marketing messages. Therefore, it is important to see why this matters to people and why they should click on this ad. Look for the larger story behind the advertisement message.


Benefits of good copywriting

It can grow business exponentially

Good copywriting grows your business like nothing else. It brings the consumers to your website. Good copywriting of your business helps the reader to understand the offer that you’re presenting.


It generates good leads

The purpose of online marketing is that it has to generate leads. If after doing content marketing, you are not able to generate leads then it means that a particular strategy is not working for your business. If you’re copywriting good stuff and able to communicate the features of your business to the consumers, then half of the job is done.

It will bring users to the website and will generate leads as well.


How to write a good copy?

Try to avoid weasel words


A good copy should address the users directly. Do not use words that are not a direct command. This can lessen the impact of the copy. These words include maybe, hopefully, but, perhaps, and could.


It takes good writing skills to be a good copywriter

While we are on the subject of good writing, then it is important to note that there are various online tools that can help you with the process of writing.


Some helpful Paraphrasing Tools You can Use for Copywriting

Paraphrasing is extremely essential in the copywriting process. Why? Here’s the answer. There are almost thousands of ideas being presented every day and readers have access to a huge amount of content that is just a few clicks away.

It is possible what you’re writing is already being written or you may have liked the idea of some other writer but you do not want to copy it. Then paraphrasing is the tool that you should consider. Sometimes, paraphrasing done manually is quite a hectic task and very monotonous.

1.    Rephrase

Rephrase is a great option for you as a copywriter. You can paraphrase content to make it unique and attractive by using this paraphrasing tool.

Following are some of the features of this tool:

  • Works great for both android and iOS
  • The option of multiple languages is available; you can rephrase the text in almost every popular language.
  • It also gives the option of summarizing the text which is great for copywriting as long-form of text is not required in copywriting.
  • Free to use.


How to use it?

Files in the form of pdf or docs can be uploaded and click on the rewrite now button. After this, you get the rephrased text in a few seconds.


The free version has limited search features. You can buy premium for just $20 per month.

2.    Wordai
word ai
word ai

Another paraphrasing tool to paraphrase online. With a great and simplistic view of the website, this tool has become the favorite of many people. Here are some of the features of Wordai.

  • The tool provides a fast service to the users
  • Paid tool (Many features)
  • Has a very simple website that anybody can use it


How to use this tool?


With pretty much every other website it also has pretty simple steps. Copy-paste the desired content and get the rephrased one in just a few seconds.

3.    Jasper

Jasper is another great option for copywriters. This has become pretty popular among writers and students as it does the job of rephrasing quite effortlessly. Many unique features make this tool stand out among the crowd.

  • It supports almost every type of document file. It supports PDF, DOCS, DOX, and TXT
  • You can rephrase and create AI content
  • Premium subscription that offers more features


It takes a whole lot of effort and time to generate a good copy for your business. Though, it is worth every penny because good copywriting generates leads and makes your business grow. It also connects with the writers on a human level.

Writing can be a tiresome task for someone therefore, writing tools can be used for help. Paraphrasing tools and grammar checkers provide good help in this situation.