How To Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile?

How To Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile?

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions about Facebook is how to check who visited your profile, and understandably so.

It’s now easier than ever to find a person on Facebook, via various sources and directories by simply using one’s name, whether for work or personal reasons.

Not too surprisingly, the cases of online harassment and stalking have skyrocketed. Finding out who has been viewing your profile then becomes a need.

Alternatively, people may wish to find out who checked them out purely out of curiosity or to derive an approximate measure of their popularity online given the increasing tendencies of us humans to seek validation. Users running a business page may also want to understand the number of people viewing them.

Whatever the reason, we’re guessing that you too wish to see who viewed your Facebook profile since you found this page. Before you found us, you might have looked for a solution elsewhere on the www.

The Internet is flooded with blogs and YouTube videos that claim to have a certain number of fixes or working methods to help you unlock this feature.

Sorry to break your bubble, but none of those work. Majority of those articles are not authentic and are in fact crafted in an attempt to attract as many visitors as possible to ultimately make money.

These sources or even software programs which claim to aid you in doing the aforementioned, are all fraudulent, and outdated.

You may have already tried a couple of so-called “working solutions” but to no success. In fact, these methods/software may actually pose a threat to your device. But more on this towards the end of this article.

Is It Possible to Check Your Facebook Profile Visitors Officially?

Without wasting any of your time, the answer to your question is pretty straightforward. There is absolutely NO way to know who viewed your Facebook Profile.

Remember the good old days when Orkut ruled the social network roost? Orkut officially made this feature available to its users.

Maybe that’s how this question even arose in people’s minds. In fact, LinkedIn also allows you to check the same, albeit, only for Premium LinkedIn Members.

Unfortunately, Facebook is very strict when it comes to their user policies, and does not offer any such feature as of now. So unless you know a hacker or are a CIA agent yourself, you cannot see your profile visitors.

But, don’t turn away just yet. We may not have the exact solution to your question. However, we do have something that’s probably the closest to finding out who viewed your profile. Take a look –

View Page Source Method:

1. Login to your Facebook account using your preferred browser on your computer. We’d highly recommend that you use Google Chrome as is method works the best using the same.
2. Hit the right-click button on your mouse/touchpad and select “View Page Source”.
3. You’ll see a page filled with codes and numbers. Press Ctrl+F (or, Command + F, if using MacBook) and type the words “InitialChatFriendsList”.
4. It’ll display tons of number combinations against the keyword – InitialChatFriendsList.
5. These numbers indicate nothing but the profile IDs of other users.
6. Go back to your Facebook homepage and copy-paste any ID against the URL in your address bar after keying in the character “/”. Press enter. For Example :-
7. Facebook will now display the profile page of that particular user.

You might have stumbled upon this method on several online sources. While the method works if you want to understand the user-engagement on your profile, what they don’t tell you is that the numbers you see in the page source are not in any particular order of who viewed your profile recently.

They are simply a list of friends, followers, and people you interact with the most on Facebook. There’s no way to determine who visited your profile using this method.

Beware of Scams and Malware:

As mentioned earlier, there are various scams and fraudulent methods claiming to provide you with the ability to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

These can come in the form of Chrome extensions, mobile apps, and even software programs, which can potentially pose a threat to your device as they contain viruses.

Furthermore, some of them are created to steal your personal data for their own benefits.

If you have already installed any such app or software on your computer or phone, it’s advisable to uninstall it right away.

Also, check your Facebook settings to disable access for any 3rd party apps that may have permission to access your Facebook account details.

Facebook does not allow users to see who viewed their profile, nor does it permit others to check if you visited their profile due to privacy concerns.

While there are methods that claim to provide this information, they are not effective and may pose security risks. It’s best to rely on Facebook’s algorithms to gauge user interaction with your account.