How to Get a Free US Phone Number for Your Business

How to Get a Free US Phone Number for Your Business

In today’s global marketplace, having a US phone number can significantly enhance your business operations. Whether you need to connect with American customers without incurring international charges, establish an American presence, or access services exclusive to US phone numbers, a virtual phone number from Twilio can be the perfect solution.

Best of all, you can get started for free with a Twilio trial account. This tutorial will guide you through the process in just 10 minutes, without any fees or credit card requirements.

Why You Need a US Phone NumberA US phone number is a powerful tool for any business aiming to:

  • Call American customers without international charges
  • Save on hefty international calling fees.
  • Build trust and credibility with a local phone number.
    Utilize services and platforms that require a US phone number.

Getting Started with Twilio

To begin, follow these simple steps to set up a Twilio trial account:

1. Sign up for a new account on Twilio: Visit Twilio’s website and sign up.
2. Onboard and validate your phone number: You’ll need to verify your phone number to proceed.
3. Access the dashboard console:** After onboarding, navigate to the Twilio dashboard.

Claiming a Free American Phone Number

  • Click on “Get a trial phone number” – Twilio will assign a free American phone number to your account.

Setting Up Your Phone Number with HelloDuty

Now that you have your free US number, the next step is to set it up on HelloDuty to make and receive calls. This involves a few easy steps:

Configuring Twilio Endpoints

1. **Create a new TwiML App:**
– Friendly Name: US Phone TwiML
– Request URL: ``
– Status Callback: ``
2. **Click ‘Create’.**
3. **Manage Numbers:** Click on your new provisioned phone number.
4. **Update settings:** Assign your TwiML App to your phone number.
5. **Save the configuration.**

Setting Up a Twilio Configuration

1. **Create a free account on HelloDuty.**
2. **Go to settings:** Click on the gear icon.
3. **Integrate Twilio:**
– Give your configuration a name.
– Add the following settings:
– **Account SID:** From the Twilio console.
– **Auth Token:** From the Twilio console.
– **Application SID:** From the TwiML App created earlier.
– **Create a new API token:** Populate the API Key and API Secret fields.

Creating a Telephone Asset

1. **Click on Assets:** Click “Create +” and add the free Twilio phone number.
2. **Enter the Free US phone number:** Input the number in the asset field.

Assigning Yourself a License

1. **Assign a license:** Click on Team, select your user, and assign the CTI license.

Testing Your Phone Number

1. **Test your phone number:** After assigning the license, the phone will appear in HelloDuty. Make and receive calls to ensure everything is set up correctly.


Setting up a free US phone number for your business has never been easier. With Twilio and HelloDuty, you can establish a local presence, save on international charges, and access exclusive services, all within a few minutes and without any costs. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to enhance your business communication effortlessly.