How to get rewarded with Safaricom’s Skiza Advertising Service

How to get rewarded with Safaricom's Skiza Advertising service

Safaricom announced the launch of a new Skiza Advertising platform that aims to provide SMEs with the opportunity to advertise their services.

The service is offered in partnership with Adtones, who will provide the ad-serving platform and on-board advertisers.

Customers will subscribe to the service by dialling *897# to enrol, upon which they will hear adverts in place of the ringing tone as they wait for the customer they are calling to pick up.

Enrolled customers will receive free 5 MB data or free 1-minute calling time for every three adverts listened to for more than six seconds each.

How to subscribe to Safaricom’s Skiza Mobile Ad service and get rewarded with data bundles and minutes;

  • On your phone, dial *897#
  • Then select opt-in to receive awards
  • You can also redeem awards once they’re enough for data bundles or minutes
  • Users can also check available rewards balance.
  • You can always opt-out if you no longer want to listen to advertisements

The Skiza Ads service is based on the Adtones global media platform which aims to empower and give back to mobile users.

The platform is expected to benefit millions of Safaricom customers with rewards and useful media information according to Adtones founders Ben Lynch and Gaspare Manos.

How to place Ads on Safaricom Skiza Ad platform

Businesses will need to write an email to AdTones at Adverts will be served at random to enrolled customers across the country.