How To Get The New Digital Number Plates in Kenya

How To Get The New Digital Number Plates in Kenya

In 2022, Kenyan Government launched a new system of digital number plates aimed at curbing fraud cases such as vehicle theft and terrorism.

These innovative number plates come equipped with a QR code, serial number, microchip, hologram, and the Kenyan flag. As a result, all vehicle owners in Kenya are required to replace their old number plates with new digital ones.

The cost for the new digital number plates is Kshs. 3,000 for vehicles and Kshs. 1,500 for motorcycles. In this article, we will guide you through the process of acquiring these digital number plates and explore the benefits they offer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Digital Number Plates

Log into the TIMs Portal

To begin the process of acquiring the new digital number plates, you need to log into the TIMs portal, which is the Transport Integrated Management Systems portal.

Click Vehicle Registration

Once logged in, navigate to the Vehicle Registration section within the TIMs portal.

Apply for Reflective Number Plate

Within the Vehicle Registration section, locate the option to apply for a Reflective Number Plate, which is the digital number plate.

Select Your Vehicle

After clicking on the apply button, the page will redirect you to a list of your vehicles registered under your name. Select the vehicle for which you want to apply for the new digital number plate and verify the details before proceeding.

Provide Reasons for Application

You will be prompted to provide reasons for applying for the reflective number plate, also known as the digital number plate. This step may involve specifying the need for enhanced security features and anti-fraud measures.

Choose Notification Method

Select your preferred method of notification, whether it’s through SMS or email, for updates and notifications regarding your application.

Select Plate Type and Collection Office

Choose the type of front and back number plate you prefer, such as oblong or square, and select the collection office where you will pick up the new digital number plate once it’s ready.

Upload Required Documents

Upload a copy of the original logbook and an image of the number plate in PDF form on the Lost/Defaced Number Plate and Tape Lifting Report section. It’s important to note that a Tape Lifting Report is not required for this process.

Confirm Details and Make Payment

Review all the details provided and confirm that they are accurate. Once confirmed, proceed to make the payment of Kshs 3,050 via Mpesa, the popular mobile money transfer service in Kenya.

Wait for Notification

After completing the payment, you will need to wait for the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to notify you via SMS and email regarding the collection of your new digital number plate.

Benefits of the New Digital Number Plates

The introduction of the new digital number plates in Kenya offers several benefits to vehicle owners. Some of these benefits include:

  • Enhanced Security: The incorporation of advanced security features such as the QR code, microchip, and hologram helps in deterring vehicle theft and fraudulent activities.
  • Anti-Terrorism Measures: The new digital number plates contribute to national security efforts by making it more difficult for vehicles to be used for illicit activities.
  • Ease of Verification: The digital nature of the number plates allows for easier verification by law enforcement agencies and other relevant authorities.
  • Modernization of Vehicle Identification: The introduction of digital number plates represents a step towards modernizing the vehicle identification system in Kenya.