John Kamara to Champion Technological Arts in Africa

John Kamara, Director of Global Gaming Africa

From recent trends from one of the top crypto exchanges, Binance, who most recently signed up 40,000 crypto traders in its first week  launching into Uganda; to United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) expanding its blockchain testing from refugee aid in the Middle East to supply chain management in Africa; to Kenyan government to use blockchain in new affordable housing project; to Singer Akon Announces Cryptocurrency and Plans for Real-Life ‘Wakanda’ (; came the next announcement from the oldest institution for compilation of Crypto and Blockchain research in the world, established in 2010 Crypto Chain University (

Earlier this month, in an official statement from the University, they have officially commissioned John Kamara (, Chevalier of the ‘Ordre des Arts et Technologies’ (, to champion technological arts in Africa on behalf of the University. Specific regions in Africa include (not limited to): Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

“John Kamara, an esteemed member of the exclusive ‘Ordre des Arts et Technologies’, has the support of University to champion technological arts and provide educational value to Africa region.” said Herbert Sim (, founder of Crypto Chain University. “In specific, the University is keen to explore on opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with regards to the possibilities of the adoption of blockchain technologies into other universities’ curriculum, to educate and equip students with the knowledge of this disruptive technology that will indefinitely be mass-adopted across industries.”

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“I am honored to propagate the fields of technological arts of Blockchain, as well as for the University, into the African region,” said John Kamara, Chevalier of ‘Ordre des Arts et Technologies’ by Crypto Chain University ( “The knowledge and adoption of this blockchain technology will be of great value towards realizing the continent’s true potential.”

John is an experienced marketing, business growth and market acquisition executive, who has successfully delivered multi-million-dollar global initiatives and projects on& offline for over 15 years, in the UK, Europe and EMEA.

Over the past 3 years as an early investor in a number of successful altcoins he has been involved in a number of Block-chain and crypto currency projects. He was recently a speaker at the Block-Chain summit in Nigeria and also an advisory team member on a number of ICO’s in Europe and Africa. He is also heavily involved in digital e-commerce and intra Africa trade projects on the block chain and has experience in the business objective side of Block-Chain led him to develop the Block-Chain Centre for Excellence Education in Nigeria in Partnership with ITEX.

John is currently a founding member of Jamborow an AI driven financial platform solving the problems of financial inclusion in West and East Africa. He is also co-founder of Afrimart, the Intra- Africa trade platform focus on using AI to drive match making trade across the continent.