Kamari, ZeU to deploy blockchain-based medical system across Africa

Kamari, an infrastructure project building a network of payments across the African continent, and ZeU Crypto Networks, a Canadian blockchain technology innovation and development company, have announced a plan to roll out a new blockchain-based identity and medical record system across the African continent.

This technology combined with the mobile blockchain wallet and incentive programs being built by Kamari, in collaboration with ZeU, looks to advance public health initiatives, enable individual data ownership, and drive preventative medicine for millions of people without bank accounts and digital records.

Africa’s GDP is predicted to increase from $2 trillion today to $29 trillion in today’s money by 2050. The “Blockchain Opportunity in Africa” will also have mobile technology at the centre of its massive growth across the continent as the unbanked will gain access to new, life-changing financial services.

Kamari looks to develop the fundamental infrastructure that will serve Africa’s population as it doubles to two billion over the next several decades.

The company has secured national lottery licenses across multiple African countries that, once built, will allow them to market to over 50 million adult customers exclusively.

ZeU’s Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure for healthcare is a turnkey solution for clients to leverage the monetizable value of their data. Healthcare data is an emerging market requiring large amounts of information to be collected, curated, and aggregated in a responsible and unbiased way.

The value contained in the data can be extracted, refined, and put to use throughout the health care and insurance industries. ZeU’s SaaS safeguards sensitive medical data and promotes more accurate health care records.

It also empowers users to derive value from their data while allowing government and healthcare entities to analyze metadata for research and medical advancements. Global deployment could lower healthcare costs while creating healthier populations. ZeU’s SaaS is customizable to client requirements.

The partners are currently deploying the beta version of ZeU’s SaaS in collaboration with ZeU’s partner VSEKUR and other ecosystem partners.

The initial phases of testing should be deployed by the end of Q1 or early Q2. ZeU and Kamari are also involved in other initiatives that will, as a consequence, grow their joint ecosystems and allow cross-feeding to their banking, remittance, micro-lending, and lottery initiatives.

“Kamari looks to provide the fundamental blockchain infrastructure across Africa that will provide an incredible range of life-changing services to billions of people in the decades to come,” said Chris Cleverly, CEO of Kamari.

“We are at the beginning of an incredible opportunity for the entire continent to essentially leap into the forefront of innovation and infrastructure using blockchain. We are extremely excited about this initiative with ZeU and the opportunity it has to bring positive change to many people across the continent.”