“Eye in the Sky” to premiere in Kenya

Local multimedia and film firm, Planet Media Cinemas, has announced plans to screen a recently released Hollywood movie set in Kenya which features the terrorism challenges in the East and Horn of Africa.

As part of Planet Media -a division of Nakumatt Holdings- strategic efforts to ensure the local release of global box office hits on these shores, the firm, will be screening the film; Eye in the Sky and will later retail in stores across the country.

Speaking when he confirmed the Eye in the Sky Screening plans, Planet Media Cinemas Director, Raman Subramanian, said the film, will be screened at the firm’s Digital Cinema Halls in Nairobi’s Prestige Plaza and Westgate Mall and Kisumu’s City Mall.

The screening of the film globally described as the Quintessential Modern War movie, will be part of the concurrent global release.

The film, depicts a drone warfare act, with Hollywood actor Helen Mirren, appearing as British Army’s, Colonel Katherine Powell and leading a covert operation to nab terrorist cell operatives, in the sprawling Eastleigh Estate, Nairobi.

“At Planet Media Cinemas, we are looking forward for the screening of this film set in Kenya as part of our commitment to continue delivering global releases locally; within a week or less,” Raman said.

By making its screening in Kenya barely a week after its Hollywood release, the Eye in the Sky movie, is expected to rekindle the passion for the country’s potential as an ideal film making destination. Though shot in South Africa, the film depicts vivid local scenes which may encourage international filmmakers to train their focus on Kenya.

Ahead of its global release, Eye in the Sky premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival on 11 September 2015 and had its United States premiere on 7 January 2016 at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Writing in the authoritative American Rolling Stone Magazine, journalist, Peter Travers, said that; “The suspense is killer as military minds in the US and the UK come together only to lock horns on a drone operation in Nairobi.

In one corner, there’s Katherine Powell (a dynamite Helen Mirren), a British army colonel ready to order a U.S. military drone to target a Somali terrorist organization believed to include two British citizens and one American.

Cue the complication: Alia (Aisha Takow), a young Kenyan girl is selling bread in the kill zone.”