KRA launches M-service App to ease tax filings

KRA launches M-service App to enable taxpayers access service

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has introduced a mobile phone application dubbed KRA M-Service App that simplifies access to various KRA services.

The new app enables taxpayers to access various services offered by the Authority such as taxpayer registration and verification, filing of returns and payment of tax.

The system will widen taxpayer reach, increase revenue collection and enhance tax compliance by making tax payment process more convenient. It will also reduce the cost of compliance by removing intermediaries.

Through the App, taxpayers are now able to easily register, pay and file tax returns for Monthly Rental Income (MRI) and for Turnover Tax (TOT) obligations. Taxpayers are also able to register for Personal Identification Number (PIN), both Kenyan and Alien citizenship as well as perform checks on PIN, Payment Registration Number (PRN), Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) and confirm identity of KRA staff.

Further, KRA M-Service App allows taxpayers to file nil tax returns for the following taxes; Income Tax-Resident and Non-Resident, Income Tax Partnership and Income Tax-Company, Value Added Tax (VAT), Pay as You Earn (PAYE), Excise tax and Monthly Rental Income (MRI).


To access and use the App, taxpayers with smart mobile phones should download and install the App from Google Play Store. Users with no PIN will be required to first register while those already with PINs can register on the app then login in and choose the particular services they require.

Nil tax return filers will conveniently file return on their mobile phones by following simple steps on the App. They will choose Tax Returns, select Nil Return, select the required obligation from the list e.g. VAT, input and confirm the period of the tax return and other details respectively.

Taxpayers will equally have an opportunity to validate KRA employees by checking their identification using the M-Service Jua for Sure’ option hence avoid dealing with imposters and fraudsters.


KRA M-Service App will expand the tax base by onboarding the informal sector players who cannot use computers.

The introduction of mobile application KRA M-Service also enhances remote operations while addressing the informal and micro-enterprise sector through e-commerce and m-commerce transactions. Approximately 37,000 taxpayers have so far downloaded the App for use in accessing various tax services.