NEMIS: Guide to Login, Registration, UPI Numbers, and Requirements

NEMIS - Guide to Login, Registration, UPI Numbers, and Requirements

The National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) plays a crucial role in Kenyan education, serving as a central hub for data management and information sharing.

Whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, or institution administrator, understanding NEMIS is essential. This guide tackles common questions about accessing the portal, registering, obtaining your UPI number, and understanding the necessary requirements.

Logging In:

  • Existing Users: Visit the official NEMIS website ( and select your identity (learner, staff, institution). Enter your NEMIS number and password to log in.
  • New Users: You cannot directly create a student or staff account. Institutions register learners and staff, so contact your school administration for assistance.


  • Institutions: If your school isn’t yet registered, head to the “Institutions Module” after logging in and select “Institutional Registration.” Fill out the form and submit it. You’ll receive a UPI number for your institution.
  • Learners and Staff: Schools handle your registration within NEMIS. Provide them with the necessary documents (e.g., birth certificate, ID card) to complete the process.

Understanding UPI Numbers:

  • Unique Personal Identifier (UPI): This number identifies individual learners and staff within NEMIS.
  • Finding Your UPI:
    • Learners: Contact your school administration. They can access your UPI through the system.
    • Staff: You’ll receive your UPI after registration through your school.
    • Institutions: Your UPI is displayed on your dashboard after successful registration.


  • Learners: Birth certificate (or alternative government-issued ID for over 18s).
  • Staff: National ID card or passport.
  • Institutions: Registration documents as prescribed by the Ministry of Education.