Netflix has dropped Monthly Subscription Prices – New 2023 Prices

Netflix has dropped Monthly Subscription Prices - New 2023 Prices

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming service, has dropped its monthly subscription prices for Kenyan viewers. This move is part of the company’s efforts to make its service more affordable and accessible to Kenyan audiences.

Starting today, Netflix’s basic plan, which allows streaming on one screen at a time, will cost Ksh. 300, down from the previous price of Ksh. 700. The standard plan, which includes streaming on two screens simultaneously, will now cost Ksh. 700, down from the previous price of Ksh. 950. The premium plan, which includes streaming on up to four screens and access to Ultra HD content, will now cost Ksh. 1,100, down from the previous price of Ksh. 1,450.

This price drop comes as a welcome relief for Kenyan viewers who have been grappling with high subscription costs. With more and more people turning to streaming services for entertainment, Netflix’s decision to lower prices is a smart move to attract and retain its subscriber base.

“We understand that affordability is key for many of our viewers in Kenya, and we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the best TV shows and movies we have to offer,” said a Netflix spokesperson. “Our aim is to provide the best value for our Kenyan subscribers, and we believe these new prices will help us achieve that.”

The news of the price drop has been met with enthusiasm on social media, with many users expressing their appreciation for the more affordable prices. Kenyan viewers can now enjoy their favorite Netflix content without breaking the bank.

Despite the price drop, Netflix remains committed to providing high-quality content and features to its subscribers. The company has continued to produce popular original content, such as “Queen Sono,” “Blood & Water,” and “The Umbrella Academy,” and is expected to release even more highly-anticipated titles in the coming year.

Overall, the price drop represents a positive step for Netflix to become more accessible to Kenyan viewers and to remain a leading player in the highly competitive streaming market. With its affordable prices and quality content, Netflix is poised to become the go-to streaming service for Kenyan viewers.